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2016 Top Fasteners Distributors

Bisco Industries - Top Fasteners Distributors

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Headquarters: Anaheim, CA 
2015 Revenues: $140 million
Change in Sales from 2014: 5.3%
Employees: 425
Locations: 48
Number of New Locations: 3
Key Executives: Glen Ceiley, chairman & CEO; Don Wagner, president & COO; Zach Ceiley, vice president, sales and marketing

Bisco Industries is a global distributor of electronic components, fasteners and mil-spec hardware, serving the aerospace, communication, computer, fabrication, industrial equipment, instrumentation, marine and military industries.

Bisco "continued to see perennial growth in the aerospace sector with particular strength among manufacturers of navigation and guidance systems," according to the company's Market Leader nomination form. "Bisco also saw strong growth among manufacturers of communication equipment likely due to the expansion of the internet of things (IoT)."

The company again saw softness in the computer manufacturing sector and semiconductor market, as well as a slight downturn among manufacturers of advertising displays and signs.

The company said in 2016 it is "targeting expansion in the printed circuit board manufacturing and datacenter industries with strategic partnerships with manufacturers such as Accuride and ABB. Other targeted industries include the alternative energy and HVAC industries."

Challenges this year include:

  • Strategically expanding stocking packages with supply partners.
  • Optimizing e-commerce websites to include more technical product information and improve user experience.
  • Onboarding new software technologies to streamline supplier management and customer relationship management processes.
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