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2016 Top Fasteners Distributors

MSC Industrial Supply - Top Fasteners Distributors

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Headquarters: Melville, NY
2015 Revenues: $2.9 billion
Change in Sales from 2014: 4.4%
Employees: 6,642
Locations: 97
Key Executives: Erik Gershwind, president & CEO

In a flat to down year for many industrial distributors, MSC Industrial Supply managed to eke out 4.4 percent revenue growth. E-commerce continues to drive sales growth for MSC Industrial Supply. E-commerce – which for MSC includes all sales through electronic channels, not just through the company's website, although the website makes up the largest portion of e-commerce sales – accounted for 55.6 percent of total sales in 2015.

The challenges continued into the start of the company's fiscal 2016, with President and CEO Erik Gershwind noting that most of the segments served by MSC "have deteriorated." And while the company has very little direct exposure to oil and gas, the indirect exposure – customers with exposure – is having a significant impact. "It's ugly," he said.

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