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2016 Top Safety Distributors

W.W. Grainger (safety & security) – Top Safety Distributors

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Headquarters: Lake Forest, IL
2015 Revenues: $1.9 billion
Change in Sales from 2014: 0.1%
Employees: 25,758 (company total)
Locations: 668 (company total)
Number of New Locations: 7
2015 Acquisitions: Cromwell
Key Executives: Jim Ryan, president & CEO; D G Macpherson, COO; Ron Jadin, senior vice president & CFO

In 2015, about 19 percent of Grainger's total sales was attributable to the safety and security category.

E-commerce continues to be a high priority for Grainger, with 41 percent of annual revenue in 2015 coming from online channels.

Cost reduction is a key focus for Grainger in 2016. After a flat 2015, the company announced plans to close an additional 55 branches throughout the year. But at the same time, the company is selectively investing in areas is sees as contributors to future growth, such as "clean energy."

In 2015, Grainger also introduced an initiative to achieve "better understanding of what the manufactured product should cost." This Product Procurement Optimization was designed to review the product assortment, realize cost savings and implement decisions faster than a traditional line review, according to the company's latest Factbook.

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