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2017 Top 40 Industrial Distributors

09. MSC Industrial Supply - Top Industrial Distributors

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Headquarters: Melville, NY
2016 Revenues: $2.9 billion
Change in Sales from 2015: -1.6%
Employees: 6,000
Locations: 104
2016 Acquisitions: Distribution agreement w/ Schneider Electric
Key Executives: Erik Gershwind, president & CEO; Rustrom Jilla, executive vice president & CFO

E-commerce sales were a "high point" in the fourth quarter for MSC, accounting for 59.1 percent of total sales, according to Erik Gershwind, president and CEO. That was up 4.2 percent over the prior year. (E-commerce for MSC includes traditional online sales, as well as EDI and other electronic channels.)

"We've capitalized on the opportunities that come with soft conditions, including cementing new customers, forging new supplier relationships and bringing great talent onto our teams," Gershwind said. "Should conditions improve or stabilize, the company is poised for a tremendous growth and leverage story."

The company improved its operating margin slightly to 13.1 percent despite the challenging conditions and slower sales.

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