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2017 Top 40 Industrial Distributors

15. Edgen Murray - Top Industrial Distributors

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Edgen Murray

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Headquarters: Baton Rouge, LA
2016 Revenues: N/A
Change in Sales from 2015: N/A
Key Executives: Dan O'Leary, CEO; Erika Fortenberry, senior vice president & CFO; Alan Jones, senior vice president & CIO

Edgen Murray, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corp., is a global distributor of specialized steel products in the upstream (drilling and production in offshore environments), midstream (gathering, processing, fractionation, transportation and storage of oil and natural gas) and downstream (refining and petrochemical applications) end markets for oil and natural gas.

As a result, its results are highly correlated with what's happening in the oil & gas market – which continued to be a challenge in 2016. But increased activity late in the year and a focus on adapting to the new reality of global energy markets may result in a better overall 2017.

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