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2017 Top 40 Industrial Distributors

34. Lawson Products - Top Industrial Distributors

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Headquarters: Chicago, IL
2016 Revenues: $276.6 million
Change in Sales from 2015: 0.3%
Employees: 1,500
Key Executives Michael G. DeCata, president & CEO; Ronald J. Knutson, executive vice president & CFO

2015 and 2016 were challenging for Lawson Products, as it was for many industrial distributors. But, says President and CEO Michael DeCata, "it sure feels as if 2017 is getting off to a better start."

The industrial distributor has focused on investing in process and infrastructure throughout the organization, including Lean Six Sigma programs and improving sales rep productivity. But it has also focused on building a culture of collaboration using an internal social media network to connect salespeople across the U.S. "We have so much institutional knowledge in our seasoned sales reps," DeCata says, but sharing that knowledge across the network was a challenge. Lawson Central, as the network is known, helps provide that communication bridge for the entire company.

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