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2017 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

01. Sonepar North America – Top Electrical Distributors

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Sonepar Industrial

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Headquarters: Hagemeyer North America in Charleston, SC; Sonepar USA in Philadelphia, PA
2016 Revenues: $9.6 billion
Change in Sales from 2015: 0%
Locations: 988
Key Executives: Halsey Cook, president; Andy Waring, CFO

Sonepar USA subsidiary Hagemeyer North America-Industrial Distribution Group, Charlotte, NC, rebranded as Vallen Distribution Inc. in October 2016. Sonepar USA's former president and CEO, Dave Gabriel, was appointed to COO of the parent company, Paris, France-based Sonepar, in early 2017. Two Sonepar USA subsidiaries made acquisitions in 2016: Brockton, MA-based NorthEast Electrical Distributors acquired Beacon Electrical Sales & Supply, an electrical distributor based in Massachusetts; and Codale Electric Supply, Salt Lake City, UT, acquired Grove Madsen Industries, Las Vegas, NV. The parent company also made a pair of acquisitions: Netherlands-based wholesaler EMG van de Meerakker and Belgium-based electrical wholesaler Cheyns NV.

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