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2017 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

19. Summit Electric Supply - Top Electrical Distributors

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Summit Electric Supply

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Headquarters: Albuquerque, NM
2016 Revenues: $434.2 million
Change in Sales from 2015: 1.9%
Employees: 650
Locations: 28
Number of New Locations: 2
Key Executives: Victor R. Jury, Jr., CEO

Summit Electric Supply carries a range of products from basic commodities to sophisticated electrical components, including motor control, distribution, wire and cable, cords, lighting, conduit and fittings, wiring devices, support systems and fasteners, raceway, outlet boxes and enclosures, transformers and power protection equipment.

In its Market Leaders nomination form, Summit Electric says it closed a couple of branches in the Texas oil patch and though oil prices are slowly increasing, softness there has had a "strong impact on related markets."

Lighting retrofit is a growth industry for the company, while people and training are key challenges in 2017.

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