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2018 Top 40 Industrial Distributors

31. RS Hughes Co.- Top Industrial Distributors

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RS Hughes

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Headquarters: Sunnyvale, CA
2017 revenue: $348,500,000
16:17 Change: 7%
2016 Revenue: $326,000,000
Employees: 550
Locations: 50
Key Executives: Bob McCollum, Chairman & CEO; Pete Biocini President & COO; Joe Vargas, VP Nat Accounts; Mike Page, VP E-Strategy
RS Hughes saw a seven percent increase in overall sales in 2017.
The company’s new Inventory Management Solution contributed to the uptick. It combines advanced technology & professional services that lets Hughes’ customers to purchase & manage their inventory more efficiently.
Customers also have the option to have a Hughes staffer monitor & restock their inventory for them.








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