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2018 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

10. W. W. Grainger (Electric/Lighting) - Top Electrical Distributors

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Headquarters: Lake Forest, IL
2017 revenue: $938,237,220
16:17 Change: 3.22%
2016 Revenue: $909,000,000
Employees: 25,700 (Company)
Locations: 500 (Company)
Key Executives: DG Macpherson, CEO; Laura Brown, SVP – Communications & Investor Relations; Joseph High, SVP; John Howard, SVP & General Counsel; Ronald Jadin, SVP & CFO; Paige Robbins, SVP; Eric Tapia, VP & Controller
Last year marked Grainger’s 90th year in business. When it comes to its electrical and lighting customers, Grainger has been sure to stay on top of their market via the value-added offerings. Keeping customers advised on, for example, the utility rebates they are eligible to receive; also, tips on material, contractor and project management; the latest Green products and information on disposal and recycling  guidelines.








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