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2018 Top 25 Electrical Distributors

15. The Reynolds Company - Top Electrical Distributors

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Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX
2017 Revenue: $645,000,000
16:17 Change: 20.79%
2016 Revenue: $534,000,000
Employees: 436
Locations: 17
Key Executives:
The privately-owned Reynolds Company has 18 locations in Texas and Louisiana. Based in Ft. Worth, Texas, a key to its growth in recent years especially is its growing number of United States and international on-site facilities as well as its various export activities around the world.
Late in 2017, The Reynolds Company was acquired by electrical distributor McNaughton-McKay of Madison Heights, Michigan. The two combined companies will have annual revenues of an estimated $1.2 billion, which would rank it in the top 10 of electrical distributors. 
“Our organization has known and collaborated with McNaughton-McKay for many years,” said Walt Reynolds, president and CEO of The Reynolds Co. “Our management team looks forward to working with McNaughton-McKay, and each new colleague, to service our industry faster and better.”








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