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2018 Top 10 Power Transmission & Bearings Distributors

05. Wajax Industrial Components - Top Power Transmission/Bearings Distributors

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Headquarters: Mississauga, ON, Canada
2017 Revenue: N/A
16:17 Change: N/A
2016 Revenue: $378,791,480
Employees: 2,418
Locations: 104
Key Executives: A. Mark Foote, President & CEO ;Darren Yaworsky, SVP - Finance and Chief Financial Officer; Stuart Auld, SVP - Human Resources and Information Systems; Steven Deck, SVP - Business Development; Thomas Plain, SVP - Service Operations
For Ontario-based Wajax Industrial, the power transmission and bearings customer base consists of virtually all industries and sectors in Canada and the northern U.S.
Among them are forestry, oil and gas, construction, metal processing, transportation, mining and marine.








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