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2018 Top 10 HVACR/Plumbing Distributors

06. MORSCO - Top HVACR/Plumbing Distributors

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Headquarters: Fort Worth, TX
2017 Revenue: $1,700,000,000
16:17 Change:  0%
2016 Revenue: $1,700,000,000
Employees: 2,500
Locations: 172
Key Executives: Chip Hornsby, CEO; Jim Mishler, President HVAC; Darren Taylor, CMO; Kerry Warren, CFO; Mark Kirby, VP Supply Chain

MORSCO is a distributor of HVAC, commercial and residential plumbing and waterworks, headquartered in Ft. Worth, TX.

Among its preferred vendors are Kohler, Honeywell, Whirlpool and U.S. Pipe.

MORSCO has 172 branches in 16 states.









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