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2018 Top Safety Distributors

Orr Safety - Top Safety Distributors

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ORR Safety

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Headquarters: Louisville, KY
2017 revenue: N/A
16:17 Change: N/A
2016 Revenue: N/A
Employees: N/A
Locations: 22
Key Executives: Ray Aldridge, President, ORR Safety; Bob Johnson, VP, Railroad Sales; Gil Truesdale, VP of Sales, Corporate Accounts, Special Programs
A family-owned safety distributor since 1948, Orr Safety works with diverse companies and industries such as utilities, construction, transportation, and pulp & paper.
It combined its safety products inventory— hardhats, safety glasses, hearing protection, respirators, gloves and protective clothing—with its customer education programs.
In addition, Orr account managers go to customers in their workplaces to keep them up-to-date on any recent OSHA regulation updates.








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