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What Distributors Need to Know About Pricing Disruption
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Pricing is often an undermanaged and reactive business activity. But as traditional pricing models are rapidly disrupted by digital competitors, rebate programs, stronger customer negotiating power and more, distributors need to make pricing a core competency and strategic initiative.

In this 60-minute webcast, Evergreen Consulting's Brent Grover maps out strategies to fight disruption, strengthen your bottom line and increase shareholder value in a consolidating environment.

Brent argues for a more adaptive approach to pricing as part of a larger strategy that effectively addresses the new digital competitive pressures. He shares lessons from retailers that distributors can leverage and outline the critical pricing metrics and tools needed today – cost to serve, cost analysis, strategic and predictive pricing.

He also addresses the deeper issue of using pricing strategically to position your company in increasingly volatile distribution sectors, whether to increase the valuation of the company for a possible sale or to effectively execute an M&A growth strategy. Learn the best ways to take control and make your pricing capability a powerful asset.

Key takeaways from this webcast: 

  • How to fight margin squeeze in a digital world
  • Best ways to manage pricing strategically
  • Tough lessons from retailers and select distribution markets
  • Building blocks for dynamic pricing
  • Why you have to elevate your pricing intelligence today

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Brent Grover

Brent Grover. Managing Partner, Evergreen Consulting LLC

Brent Grover, founding partner of Evergreen Consulting, advises distributors, suppliers and trade associations on pricing optimization, customer profitability and acquisitions. 

Brent is one of four NAW Institute Research Fellows and has been an adjunct professor at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University for many years. Brent worked at a national accounting firm and was CEO and co-owner of an innovative and successful wholesale distributor. His best-selling book, Strategic Pricing for Distributors, includes landmark research about best (and worst) distributor pricing practices. Brent also wrote The Little Black Book of Strategic Planning for Distributors, published by Gale Media. 

Brent serves as a director for numerous distributors and also has been a director of HIDA, NPTA and other industry groups.

Thomas P. Gale, President & CEO, Gale Media, Inc., Publisher of Modern Distribution Management

Thomas P. Gale – Moderating
President of MDM Analytics, Publisher of Modern Distribution Management

Tom Gale is publisher of Modern Distribution Management and, the premier resource since 1967 for competitive intelligence, industry research and insight for wholesale distribution professionals. He also leads the company’s market research division, MDM Analytics. He has researched wholesale distribution issues since the mid-1980s.

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