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MDM Forum: How Distributors Should Respond to Amazon Business
Event Date: to MDT

The rapid pace of Amazon’s move into B2B distribution is forcing distributors to answer important strategic questions. MDM’s Digital Disruption 2018 is the only forum focused on answering them. Register now to chart your way forward with the help of the most knowledgeable experts on Amazon Business in the industry.

Amazon’s breathtaking growth in B2B will force distributors to answer some important strategic questions. This is the only forum specifically focused on answering these questions: 

  • Is Amazon Business a friend, foe or both? Is the answer different in the short term vs. the long term? ​
  • How is Amazon positioning its value proposition for customers and suppliers?​
  • How do you decide whether or not to sell on the Amazon Business Marketplace? What are the options for how you can participate? ​
  • What are the risks of collaborating with Amazon Business? The benefits?
  • ​​What is the experience of distributors who currently sell on the Amazon Business Marketplace? ​
  • How can you quantify your exposure to Amazon Business and other digital disruptors?
  • If you double down on your own digital initiatives, how do you invest?​ ​
  • What are the opportunity costs of not collaborating with Amazon Business?
  • ​How does Amazon Business fit into the company’s long-term cash management strategy? ​
  • How can you use hard-to-digitize services to build “moats” to differentiate from Amazon Business?
  • What future strategic choices might Amazon make to make collaboration more profitable – or potentially very risky?​
  • How are other distributors thinking about Amazon Business?

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