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Pricing & Profitability Summit 2019
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Strategic Profitability: Pricing Optimization and Best Practices

MDM’s Pricing & Profitability Conference is a unique opportunity to learn about all of these opportunities – while you meet and work with other distribution executives confronting challenges that are similar to yours. Our unique approach of producing smaller, more focused and senior-level conferences pays off by bringing together groups of thought leaders – not only on stage – but also in the audience.

Please join us on April 15 to 17 in Denver, Colorado, for the first annual MDM Pricing & Profitability Conference. We look forward to seeing you there.

It’s more challenging than ever for distributors to drive profitability:

  • Distribution channels are evolving rapidly
  • New, online competitors are entering the industry 
  • Pricing is becoming more transparent
  • Suppliers continue to expand direct fulfillment capabilities
  • The economic climate tilts towards more uncertainty

Optimizing profitability requires sophisticated pricing management – and much more!

Multiple components contribute to your profitability – your strategy must include several initiatives:

  • Advanced Pricing Software and Algorithms
  • Training, Incentivizing and Reporting
  • Strategic Purchasing
  • Rebates and Co-op
  • Transportation Cost Management
  • Enhanced Service Offering
  • Customer Profitability

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