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Webcast: Maximizing Customer Service and Profitability in the Face of Disruption
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Maximizing Customer Service and Profitability in the Face of Disruption

Wholesale distributors face unprecedented pressure from changing customer expectations, evolving competition, and the rapid development of technology. Companies that are able to address these pressures quickly have the best chance at continued success. With disruption and change inevitable, what ways can you respond to evolve your business? What areas should distributors prioritize in order to make the most impact?

Surveys continue to show that improving customer experience is a vitally important action item for distributors. But committing to it takes many different forms. Customers expect a profoundly different experience influenced by their personal interactions with B2C engagements. Customers are demanding:

  • More self-service (ordering and information gathering)
  • Mobile and tablet access
  • Personalization and customized products
  • Logical recommendations and known preferences
  • Specialized pricing
  • Same day delivery and shipping transparency
  • Multi-channel engagement options with same level of service
  • Excellent counter sales interactions
  • Efficiency and accuracy
  • Expertise and the ability to advise customers

But juggling these services takes investment. And finding the right balance between what your company can absorb financially and technically while staying profitable is the key. 

You’ve likely experimented with CRM, BI and e-commerce. Those solutions continue to evolve while new technology is gaining momentum, including AI, robotics, more automation and new business models.


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Cindy Jutras

Cindy Jutras
Mint Jutras

Cindy Jutras is a widely recognized expert in analyzing the impact of enterprise applications on business performance. Utilizing over 40 years of corporate experience and specific expertise in distribution/manufacturing, supply chain, customer service, and business performance management.


Kelly SquizzeroKelly Squizzero
Industry & Solution Strategy Director

Kelly Squizzero has been with Infor for over 30 years, specializing in wholesale distribution. In her role as the Director of Industry & Solution Strategy, Kelly works closely with customers, prospects, and analysts to understand the challenges wholesale distributors face. Kelly is responsible for ensuring Infor’s products and messaging are aligned with wholesale distribution requirements, and she assists customers and prospects in developing digital transformation strategies.



Elizabeth Galentine85x85

Elizabeth Galentine
Editor in Chief
Modern Distribution Management

Prior to joining MDM in 2018 as Editor, Elizabeth Galentine ran her own content services agency and led the editorial team for a national employee benefits media company for nearly 10 years.

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