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Profitability. Customer lifecycle performance. Market share analysis.

To compete in disruptive, consolidating distribution markets, an analytics core capability is essential to competitive survival and advantage. Not just point solutions, but an integrated approach to keep building a foundation of analytics expertise across all aspects of your business.

Join us for this dedicated executive summit to build your roadmap for an integrated analytics program to make better decisions, guide your planning and drive your distribution business. You’ll hear from the leading experts in their core specialties – pricing, profitability, cost-to-serve, market segmentation and much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Build the right analytics model, team and culture to drive growth
  • Turn data into insight into action: Test, focus, execute
  • Financial, operational and marketing analytics best practices
  • Assess and benchmark your current analytic capabilities
  • Learn from peers across many distribution product sectors
  • Strengthen your analytics road map and priorities!


Artificial intelligence (AI) strategist and data scientist Michael Wu, Ph.D., will present the Keynote address at MDM Analytics SUMMIT 2018. Wu, considered a visionary in his field, is on the forefront of AI and machine learning research. He is a champion for how companies can make analytics and data science a transformative competency in a business.

In his address, “How AI Enables the Future of Business Intelligence,” Wu will map out how distributors can build their analytics and business intelligence programs to more powerfully predict the future and prescribe actions to improve results. He will outline how to apply the four key applications of AI (internet, perceptual, autonomous and business) in describing how to leverage big data sets and AI models to drive business results. Wu will also explain how AI increasingly will drive distributors’ analyses of transactions and big data, creating models that get smarter over time using a variety of machine learning algorithms.

Click here to read Michael’s articles on LinkedIn.



Session Leaders:

Tom Gale CEO of Modern Distribution Management

Tom Gale
Modern Distribution Management
Ian Heller COO of Modern Distribution Management

Ian Heller
Modern Distribution Management
Dr. Albert D.Bates, Principal of Distribution Performance Project

Dr. Albert D. Bates 
Distribution Performance Project
John Gunderson VP of Analytics & E-BusinessJohn Gunderson 
VP of Analytics & E-Business
Modern Distribution Management
Bob Sherlock CMO of Chief OutsidersBob Sherlock
Chief Outsiders
Max Meister, CEO of Ludwig MeisterMax Meister
Ludwig Meister
Randi Trumm AVP of Heartland Financial USARandi Trumm
Heartland Financial USA, Inc.
Charley Hale, former CEO of FCX PerformanceCharley Hale
Former CEO
FCX Performance
Mike BrockwayMike Brockway
Consulting Director
Dimensional Insight

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