The 2020 Mid-Year Economic Update_long

This special 2-hour roundtable will focus on customer engagement, which has forever changed in 2020. Learn the latest ways to get customer feedback, analyze your risk of losing a customer and how to best retain and serve customers more effectively in the future.

Click here to view the roundtable.

Join co-hosts Mike Marks and Tom Gale as they interview three speakers who have unique perspectives on how to make your sales process more customer-centric. They will discuss Voice of Customer, retention, loyalty, personalization and using artificial intelligence to target more effectively across all sales channels.


  • Stu Perlmeter – Voice of Customer research, Win-Loss analysis
  • Doug Press – B2B customer engagement, loyalty
  • Benj Cohen – AI to make targeted, omnichannel sales pitches

Download slides from the roundtable here.

Slides from Stu Perlmeter.

Slides from Benj Cohen.


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