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MDM LIVE: New Paradigms for Talent Development

This week we talk with two talent experts on the front lines in distribution: John Salvadore, GRN Coastal; and Cory Calderon, Valin Corporation for innovative ways to rethink how to build and nurture your best team forward.

Create More Selling Time by Automating Customer Orders

You are going to be asking your team to do more with less until the economy rebounds. See how other modern businesses are working to automate formerly manual tasks successfully that take cost out of their business. Improving your speed and customer service in a recession if one of the best ways to take share and hold on to that share gain long term.

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Real-Time Market Pricing for eCommerce Distribution

In this video, we map out how distributors can respond effectively to the ways COVID-19 has elevated the need for a consistent and more responsive customer experience on digital platforms as well as offline.

MDM Sales Transformation Roundtable: June 16, 2020

In our second Sales Transformation Roundtable, Tom Gale, MDM CEO and Mike Marks, managing partner at Indian River Consulting Group, led a discussion on the latest strategies and tactics to implement today to keep your sales team engaged and outselling competitors who are struggling in a survival mindset.

MDM LIVE: Update on Alibaba’s Value Proposition

This week we are joined by John Caplan of We will hear from John on how Alibaba is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and learn how Alibaba is differentiating itself from Amazon Business and other marketplace models.

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Navigating the “New Now” as a Distributor

This new webinar from MDM and Epicor looks at key trends emerging that are helping distribution companies thrive, with practical advice to help you stay connected, keep innovating, and most importantly - continue servicing vendors, suppliers and customers that stand by your side today, and in the future.

MDM LIVE: Profit Moves Now & Customer-Focused Programs

This week we talk with Barry Litwin, CEO of Systemax, about how they are helping their customers prepare to recover from the impacts of COVID-19. We will also hear from Jonathan Byrnes, senior lecturer at MIT and founding chairman of Profit Isle, on strategies to strengthen your profit core going forward.


MDM LIVE: Next Steps for the New Normal Sales Team

In this week's special one-hour edition of MDM LIVE, Tom Gale and Mike Marks share the latest intel learned in the past 10 weeks on how distributors are creating competitive advantage in this sudden shift from face-to-face to low-touch sales engagement.

MDM LIVE: More on Teams & Creating Opportunity

This week we will hear from Eric Dillon of Dillon Supply Company and Andrew Larson of Gustave A. Larson Company. They will share management strategy, insights into what is working and the short- and long-term moves they are making to build value in the future.

MDM Sales Transformation Roundtable: May 19, 2020

In our first Sales Transformation Roundtable, Tom Gale, MDM CEO and Mike Marks, managing partner at Indian River Consulting Group, led a two-hour discussion on the shifting role of distribution sales teams, not just during the immediate impact of COVID-19 closures but also for the post-pandemic future.

MDM LIVE: Repositioning Value for Customers & Team Support

Watch the next episode of MDM LIVE. We will speak with an industrial/safety distributor and a building materials distributor. They will be joined by Brent Grover and Mark Dancer to get their takes on what the "new normal" will be and how distribution will play a role in getting the economy back on track.

MDM LIVE: New Rules for Inventory & Distributor Insights

This week we'll hear perspectives from a building automation systems provider as well as spend a full hour with inventory management guru Jon Schreibfeder. John Gunderson will also share how sales strategies have changed with the COVID-19 pandemic.

MDM LIVE: Channel Partnerships & Distributor Insights

This week we'll hear perspectives from a Canadian safety distributor, a West Coast industrial distributor, and an international supplier of abrasive/surface solutions. We'll kick off the program with a dive into how distribution channel partners can navigate the channel disruption and certain partnership shifts ahead.

MDM LIVE: The Latest on How Distributors are Pivoting

This week we explore how to avoid group think and lead, ways to strengthen your sales team and hear how a North American PPE wholesaler and other industrial distributors are pivoting to market conditions that shift daily.