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The 2019 Mid-Year Economic Update

After another strong year of revenue growth in 2018 for distributors, MDM is forecasting a meaningful downshift in the second half of 2019 and for the year overall. Join us to get a better picture on how distribution end markets are shaping up for the second half of the year and the major economic trends impacting distribution channels.  

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Top 5 Tips for a Successful ERP Implementation

Traditional order management practices are inherently costly and inefficient, especially when it comes to the wholesale distribution industry. Fortunately, companies are learning that AI-driven automation is an effective solution to unlocking traditional order management processes.

MDM Digital Distributor Summit 2019

Distributors have unique requirements for e-commerce that often include complex, integrated digital capabilities. The 2019 MDM Digital Distributor Summit brings together industry-specific leading thought leaders, executives and solution providers to help advance your digital capability.

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Pairing AI & Order Management: One Distributor’s Digital Transformation Journey

Companies are learning that AI-driven automation is an effective solution to unlocking the unrealized value in traditional order management processes. Join us for an educational webinar with Esker Business Development Manager, Nick Carpenter, and Esker customer Jack Jurkowski, CIO of EBP Supply Solutions, as they walk you through the digital transformation of the distribution company's order management processes.

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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Distribution Businesses Today

The webcast will focus on how distributors are using AI and machine learning to leverage existing data to improve business functions.  With statistics on the rate of adoption and estimates on how machine learning can make a positive impact on sales and profits, we’ll explore AI’s role in distribution business operations.

MDM’s Pricing & Profitability Summit 2019

MDM's Pricing & Profitability Conference is a unique opportunity to learn about all of these opportunities while you meet and work with other distribution executives confronting challenges that are similar to yours. Our unique approach of producing smaller, more focused and senior-level conferences pays off by bringing together groups of thought leaders not only on stage but also in the audience.

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How Distributors are Managing Online vs. Offline Pricing Challenges

As customers increasingly rely on distributor websites for customer data and purchasing, it’s becoming more difficult to manage pricing between channels. MDM recently conducted a survey of distributors to get their experiences and opinions on these issues and others.

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Targeted Strategies to Optimize Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning

Too many distributors get caught in operational silos of purchasing, inventory management and sales functions; they don't fully optimize service levels while minimizing capital investment. Join us for this one-hour webcast as Brad Johnson of Building Products Distribution - Supply Chain Analytics outlines best practices for more strategic purchasing and inventory management practices.

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Maximizing Customer Service and Profitability in the Face of Disruption

Wholesale distributors face unprecedented pressure from changing customer expectations, evolving competition, and the rapid development of technology. Companies that are able to address these pressures quickly have the best chance at continued success. With disruption and change inevitable, what ways can you respond to evolve your business? What areas should distributors prioritize in order to make the most impact?

Sales GPS 2019 Conference

The role of the traditional field salesperson has been disrupted by the rise of Amazon, other digital platforms and fast-changing customer expectations of the buying process. It's time to transform your sales model into one that adds more value and works to fend off digital players. This 1 1/2 day, hands-on conference is designed exclusively for wholesale distribution executives motivated to change their single-channel models into more adaptive and customer-responsive multichannel models.

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Customer Connection: Personalization is Powerful

The definition of top-tier customer service has changed rapidly. Customers across every wholesale distribution sector expect an Amazon-like customer experience in 2019. Are you providing it? Join us for this free one-hour webcast as we examine the key elements distributors can leverage to engage customers more deeply.

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The 2019 Distribution Industry Outlook

This 60-minute webcast analyzes the latest economic trends, emerging growth opportunities and how the competitive landscape is shifting; and how distributors and manufacturers can capitalize on all of these trends.

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The New Distribution Technology Roadmap

As digital disruption continues to pressure traditional distribution sales channels, new value propositions are emerging to level the playing field. In this free 60-minute webcast, MDM's research team will review and analyze the results of its recent survey on how distributors are shifting priorities around technology and talent.

MDM Digital Distributor Summit 2018

We’re past the digital tipping point in distribution – the challenge today is how to best advance your strategy, leverage the best technology, and execute to extend your competitive advantage. The 2018 MDM Digital Distributor Summit brings together the industry’s digital leaders and innovators to address the critical components of what omnichannel means for distributors – revenue growth, efficiencies and audience engagement.

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How Distributors Can Close the Gaps with Amazon Business

Amazon Business is on track for $10B in sales in 2018 in only its third year. Leading distributors have been in the e-commerce game for years and are doubling-down to ensure they have the competitive capabilities. Learn from these juggernauts to quickly build your own powerful e-commerce value proposition. This 60-minute webcast will quickly advance your understanding of how you can close the gaps with Amazon Business and leading digital distributors.

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Distributor E-commerce Lessons: Barriers & Best Practices

Join Ian Heller and Ben Johnson, President of Casey's Distributing, to hear the results of MDM's latest survey on e-commerce implementation and learn from the story of how one of North America's largest sports novelties distributors quickly built a strong e-commerce platform with integrated inventory management capability.

MDM Analytics SUMMIT 2018: Distributor Analytics to Drive Competitive Advantage

This dedicated executive summit will help you to build your roadmap for an integrated analytics program to make better decisions, guide your planning and drive your distribution business. You'll hear from the leading experts in their core specialties; pricing, profitability, cost-to-serve, market segmentation and much more.

Distributor Leadership for the Digital Age

The use of digital technologies has to start with a vision set by each and every distributor's leader. That vision must explain how the distributor's markets are changing and how digital tools will enable the business to compete. Without a vision, distributors do not realize an adequate return on digital investments. With a vision, distributors can reach for improved business performance and competitiveness.

How Artificial Intelligence Disrupts Distribution: What You Must Know

Most executives have heard of AI but don't understand the terms or the implications for distributors. Digital competitors are building AI-driven capabilities that will provide customers with important benefits. Should you build your own artificial intelligence capabilities or enhance your people-dependent value?

The 2018 Mid-Year Economic Update

This year is shaping up as the strongest in many years for distributors. MDM predicts that all but two of the 19 major sectors will record revenue growth in 2018 and 2019. Overall, MDM forecasts 2018 industry revenues for the U.S. wholesale distribution sector to grow at 5.3 percent, slowing to 3.6 percent in 2019.