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Technology advances have transformed what an ERP can do for your organization. The continuous improvement available through enterprise cloud solutions helps you stay ahead of the competition and remain agile in a complex and disruptive distribution environment.

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Johnstone Supply gains visibility and faster training with Infor

Watch this video to hear Laura Schultz of Johnstone Supply, Inc. explain how the large HVAC distributor enjoyed deeper visibility, rapid growth, and faster training with Infor SX.e, Supply Chain Execution (Warehouse/Transportation/Labor Management), and ION.

Three mistakes to avoid when mapping your digital journey

Moving to the cloud offers organizations huge advantages, says Infor’s Phil Lewis, but to benefit from its potential they need to avoid common errors as they set off on this journey.

4 reasons a distribution-specific ERP matters

The distributor’s role in the supply chain is critical and becoming increasingly more complex. Especially as expectations and behaviors have evolved, distributors have had to adapt their solutions, processes, and levels of service. Working with a technology partner that understands and anticipates your challenges, and delivers an ERP designed to meet your needs, will put you on an accelerated path toward innovation and success.

Fetim Group digitizes its business with CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise

Fetim Group’s CIO/CDO Frans J. Beerkens describes what the company has achieved over the years when it comes to building an agile digital platform to enable business transformation and growth, not only in the B2B channel, but also in B2C.

Overcoming the Challenges Facing Distribution

To prepare for the future, it’s crucial for distributors to invest in technology that will help them conquer the challenges facing the industry. The technologies should make it easier and more cost effective to provide exceptional customer service, expand innovative services, attract and retain top talent, improve productivity, and extract better insight. Leaders in the industry are finding creative ways to leverage technology most effectively to pull further ahead of the pack, leaving the laggards behind.

Marco Supply reduces costs, improves profitability and strengthens security with move to the Cloud

Learn why Marco Supply’s company leadership made the strategic decision to move to the cloud and saved nearly $200k on reduced hardware maintenance and contract costs in just the first year! With a move to the cloud they’ve been able to reallocate resources, improve profitability, thwart would-be hackers, and establish user adoption faster than ever before.

Electrical Terminal Service sees immediate ROI with cloud ERP

In just two months on Infor CloudSuite Distribution, Electrical Terminal Service saw a 10% reduction in inventory without impacting on-time deliverability. Additionally, their sales team now has access to real-time price and availability, anytime and anywhere, and workflows and alerts are available across the entire organization to streamline operations and remove redundancies.

Report: Distributors’ post-pandemic technology plans

The pandemic has changed the landscape of the distribution industry and has accelerated the need for change in different areas of the business. In a recent survey conducted by MDM and Infor®, eye-opening results showed how distributors invested in technology before and during the pandemic, their plans moving forward, and how the pandemic altered companies’ outlooks on the myriad ways those investments might enhance customer service.

Still not sure if the Cloud is right for you?

If your organization has previously dismissed the value of cloud, it’s time to re-evaluate. In this brief 10 minute video with leading industry experts, learn the top reasons that more distributors are moving to the cloud, including continuous updates, enhanced security, and scalable innovations.

Your step-by-step guide to defining your cloud migration strategy

This executive brief details why organizations should strongly consider moving to the cloud now, explores various cloud-migration options and strategies, and provides advice on what to look for from cloud service providers.

It’s true! A one person IT department can modernize a company’s operations.

Download this report of how Midwest Wheel successfully automated a complete ERP and field service offering with a one-person IT team. Find out how to level the playing field against bigger competitors with a modern and accessible ERP.

How can a modern ERP revolutionize your distribution operations?

Technologically advanced ERPs are an investment in your company’s operations, efficiency, intelligence, and productivity. Every feature enables distributors to become more productive, more competitive, and better positioned to meet customers’ needs.

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