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Setting prices that make sense for each unique selling circumstance within a B2B company can be an amazingly challenging endeavor.

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An Introduction to Price Optimization

Pricing distribution is anything but straightforward. In this blog post, Zilliant walks you through what price optimization is, how price optimization software works in B2B, and how it calculates more optimal price points, including price elasticity measurement.

Enabling More Profitable Pricing in Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors face massive complexity. In this whitepaper, Zilliant shares how a holistic solution can address the root causes of margin leakage. Learn how to tackle price modes more effectively and how an integrated pricing solution can help you set, optimize, manage, execute and deliver prices in all go-to-market channels.

Distribution Edition: 2020 Global B2B Benchmark Report

B2B distribution companies operate with a standard underlying cost in their business that they do not fully realize – the cost of poor pricing and sales practices. These include misaligned market pricing, inconsistent pricing, inefficient pricing processes, customer churn and lack of adequate cross-sell. Globally, B2B distribution companies consistently lose up to 28.47 percent of annual revenue and up to 15.7 percent of annual margin; for a $1 billion company this equates to as much as $284.7 million in annual lost revenue and $157 million in annual lost margin. The good news? A portion of this annual loss can be recaptured.


Interactive Global Benchmark Report

Measure your company’s performance with an interactive online experience that includes a survey component and generates a customized benchmark report unique to your quantitative and qualitative data.

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How B2B Distributors Can Attack 2021

2020 has finally come to a close. An arbitrary turn of the calendar doesn’t automatically wipe away the pains or solve all the problems of the past 12 months – a pandemic still rages, businesses of all types and sizes still scramble to calibrate to a new normal. However, a new calendar year does give us an opportunity to reflect, reset our expectations and (with all requisite humility) project an outlook for the near future. It also means that we can take all the hard lessons from 2020 and apply them today, as we sit here a long year older and wiser. We’ve curated a sampling of predictions and outlooks for companies in the B2B distribution space in 2021, accompanied by our take on each.


2021 Sales Ops Guide

Turning executive strategy into sales action has never been more difficult. The modern sales ops team needs to get scientific and adopt a digital playbook. In our exclusive 2021 Sales Ops Guide, we’ll share why the strategy-to-execution gap persists, how the pandemic has created a roadblock for day-to-day sales effectiveness, and what winning teams do differently.


METRO France Empowers Sales Team with Zilliant Pricing and Sales Solutions

In this video case study, watch as Margot Simon-Beaulieu, head of pricing and article masterdata at METRO France, describes how the leading wholesaler is solving for omnichannel pricing challenges. METRO France operates a complex business, with 99 brick-and-mortar stores, delivery services to HORECA customers and a rapidly growing eCommerce presence.

MRO Distributor Reduces Customer Churn, Grows Revenue More Than $60 Million

Market share in MRO distribution is often threatened from many directions. Given the inherent complexity – with large customer counts and even larger SKU counts — maintaining market share and retaining existing business is a critical strategy. The same was true for this more than $1 billion broadline distributor of specialty maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) products. At the core, this company’s topline growth was hindered by the scale and complexity of its business. Read this case study to learn how one company equipped reps to retain and grow customer revenue.


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