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Old Dog, New Clicks: Online Industrial and B2B Marketing Know-How for the 21st Century


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About the Book

Two big, related dynamics are changing the field of industrial and B2B marketing: It's an ever-younger crowd with a penchant for the wired and the wireless, and they don't enjoy phone sales calls. They're likely to Google you first, pop over to your website, then check out your social media accounts. How will they find you? What will they find when they do?

Bob DeStefano's goal is to help you and your people get up to speed with Generation Net. You'll learn the "whats" and "whys" of online marketing, including how to:

  • Help customers find you and build lasting relationships when they do
  • Succeed online without alienating Boomer customers – or employees
  • Avoid marketing blunders and missteps
  • Be customer-centric with your website and social media
  • Optimize your marketing for online and mobile
  • Track and measure your results

Who Should Use This Book?

If you’re still relying on marketing strategies from past decades, your company’s success may be in doubt for the next decade. Distribution executives, particularly those involved with marketing their company will find this book a timely resource. Give your sales and marketing teams the tools they need to pull your company out of the last decade and into the modern world of marketing.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Why Now is the Time to Embrace Online Marketing
  • Chapter 2: The 21st Century Marketing Road Map
  • Chapter 3: Don’t Fall for Marketing Misnomers
  • Chapter 4: You Have an Online Brand (Whether You Like It or Not)
  • Chapter 5: Become a Content Marketer
  • Chapter 6: Make Your Website the Hub of Your Marketing
  • Chapter 7: Help Customers Find You
  • Chapter 8: Nurture Relationships with Social Media
  • Chapter 9: Nurture Relationships with Email Marketing
  • Chapter 10: Optimize Your Marketing for Mobile
  • Chapter 11: Make Your Marketing Measurable

If you're relying on marketing strategies from the past decade, your company's success may be in doubt for the next.

About the Author

Bob DeStefano

Bob is an industrial and B2B marketing consultant, author, speaker and founder and CEO of SVM E-Marketing Solutions, Inc. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, as well as small- to medium-sized manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Bob's gift is simplifying online marketing to help business leaders boost sales, build relationships and measure returns on their marketing investments. 


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