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MDM Special Report: The Sales Gorilla in the Room


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Pages: 8 (PDF Report)

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About this report:

It’s been long believed by many in the industry that the economic value of the relationship is between the sales rep and the customer, not the distributor and the customer. Because of this, many distributors are afraid to introduce too much change to how they approach sales.

But how customers buy is challenging the traditional role, function and purpose of the distributor field sales position – and as a result, the function itself has to change. 

Who should read this report:

Distribution executives who want to understand the forces behind industry changes and how to adapt to the new selling environment. This report will help you reshape how you manage your sales team to be more effective in today's market.

Articles in this report include:

Why Field Sales Must Evolve – Mike Marks

Many distributors have resisted changing their approach to sales for fear of losing sales reps, customers or both to the competition. This article examines what’s driving the shift and why distributors should act.

This article includes:

  • Cost of the field-selling function for distributors
  • The evolution of sales
  • Forces of change and how to address them

The Future of Relationship Selling – Mike Marks

The economics of relationship selling are changing, driven in part by changes in customer and supplier wants and needs. This article examines that change and paints a picture of the future of field sales, including its role, function and purpose for the successful distributor.

This article includes:

  • The difference between market-makers and market-servers
  • Relationship disruption in distribution
  • The sales rep of the future

Amazon Effect Takes Aim at Relationship Equity – Mike Marks

Customers are shifting away from outside sales reps as their primary touch point for purchasing, changing the relationship dynamic between them and their sales reps. This article examines how online retailers, such as Amazon, are helping to accelerate this shift.

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