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Four Deadly Selling Mistakes That Turn Your Valuable Product Into a Commodity: Recorded Value Pack

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The Recorded Value Pack includes: CD-ROM (full presentation), Transcript (PDF), Audio CD

Prospects will do whatever it takes to commoditize your product. Here's how customers, using the Client Buying System, try to destroy your value:
Clients gather all your information up front — price, terms, guarantees, conditions, service and creative ideas. They give you little or nothing in return, maximizing their time and wasting yours. Holding all the cards, they leverage their position as savvy, informed buyers, beating you up on price and pitting you against your competitors.
Prospects aren’t bad people. They’re just looking out for their own interests. And the Client Buying System works because most salespeople go along with it. We've educated buyers to use it!
  1. Salespeople don't protect their own assets — their time, knowledge, resources and relationships —so they lose control and devalue their position
  2. Salespeople rely on feature and benefit selling to differentiate themselves, but it produces the exact opposite effect
  3. Salespeople aren't keenly aware of the customer's buying process, which is designed to defeat them
  4. Salespeople lack a disciplined sales process of their own to truly differentiate themselves from the competition. Learn a disciplined 7 step sales process that levels the playing field
At the end of this conference you will know:
  • How to establish a selling methodology that will maximize your leverage and gain your control in the sales process.
  • How to get "no's" fast and lose quickly when you are at a severe disadvantage so you can still maintain your assets of time, information, expertise, relationships and self-concept.
  • How to make the transition from transactional seller to strategic seller.
  • Why the best presentation is no presentation at all.
  • How to get a better yield and close more sales at higher margins
ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Richard "Rick" P. Farrell is President of Tangent Knowledge Systems. Having been responsible for sales and business development for nearly 25 years, Richard brings a tremendous depth of experience and results to his audiences. His passionate, provocative and interactive style encourages audience participation, learning, and improvement while providing practical, usable “time tested” information. Richard stresses a non-selling posture that allows the sales person to play the role of a "change agent" rather than a product-centric transactional sales person.

He has worked with a range of companies from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups in helping them optimize their performance by assessing their sales people, sales processes, management structure and strategies. In working with his clients Richard has helped identify performance gaps and provided sales plans to help track, measure and execute objectives to increase the company's bottom line. Today in his role of President of Tangent Knowledge Systems, Richard continues to actively sell, prospect and manage client relationships in addition to the high performance training and development program he personally conducts.
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We’re so confident you’ll get what you want out of this conference that we’ll refund your full fee if you’re not satisfied. It’s risk-free.

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