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Simplify Everything by Steve Epner

Simplify Everything: Get Your Team from Do-Do to Done-Done with One Surefire Process by Steve Epner


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About the Book

Stuck in the deep do-do of busywork?

Just because you look busy doesn't mean you're getting things done. How can you get to done-done and keep your team moving forward? It's simple. Simplify Everything.

The most common thing that keeps organizations from succeeding is a lack of clear goals and an overabundance of busywork. How can employees innovate and be effective if they are unfocused and bogged down in daily functions that they have no control over?

Steve Epner, well-known in distribution circles, is the master of keeping it simple. In Simplify Everything, he presents three effective steps to improve outcomes, keep employees engaged and provide a better daily experience in your organizations.

The program is as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Document one goal or objective
  • Ask two simple questions
  • Live the three principles

Help your team stop doing busywork for good!


"Steve's painted a compelling portrait of the proven power that simplicity, listening and speed offer today's business leaders. Simplify Everything is the guidebook of choice for those of us who want to do more and go faster." - Kevin Roach, executive vice president and general manager, Epicor

"This book will help you understand the difference between busywork and the actions that deliver results and start to shift your daily plan to more value-based tasks. Stop chasing your tail and never feeling a sense of accomplishment." - Andy Berry, vice president and general manager, wholesale distribution business unit, Infor

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Basic Idea
  • Chapter 2: Why We Ignore Good Input
  • Chapter 3: Setting Objectives
  • Chapter 4: What Business Are We In?
  • Chapter 5: Developing Metrics
  • Chapter 6: Simplified Project Planning
  • Chapter 7: Questioning
  • Chapter 8: Question One
  • Chapter 9: Question Two
  • Chapter 10: How to Ask the Questions
  • Chapter 11: Inviting the Meeting Participants
  • Chapter 12: Identifying Constraints
  • Chapter 13: Knocking Out Killer Phrases
  • Chapter 14: Managing the Meeting
  • Chapter 15: Implementing Change
  • Chapter 16: Additional Examples
  • Chapter 17: KISS is Not Stupid
  • Chapter 18: It is Okay to be Wrong
  • Chapter 19: If It Does Not Add Value, Do Not Do It
  • Conclusion
  • Extras: How to Hold a Meeting; Opportunity in the Ordinary; Hints for Employees with Good Ideas

About the Author

Steve Epner graduated from Purdue University with a degree in computer science and founded his own consulting company, User Group Inc. in 1976. User Group completed a merger with Brown Smith Wallace, a business and financial advisory firm, in 2005. For more than two decades, Epner has published the Distribution Software Guide, which is now provided as a membership benefit to members of more than 50 trade associations.

In 2007, Epner earned a master of science from Purdue University College of Technology and was appointed the Innovator in Residence at Saint Louis University.

Epner has served as a faculty member for the University of Industrial Distribution and for the Manufacturers' Representatives Education and Research Foundations. He is a faculty member at Saint Louis University in the Graduate School of Business and the Center for Supply Chain Management Studies. Epner also teaches innovation in the undergraduate business school at Webster University and has published more than 1,000 articles and made over 400 professional presentations. This is his ninth book.

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