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MDM Special Report: Private Label in Wholesale Distribution

MDM Special Report: Private Label in the Wholesale Distribution Industry


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Pages: 14 (PDF Report)
Articles: 5

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This report provides an in-depth look at a sometimes sensitive topic in wholesale distribution: private label. The largest distributors are aggressively marketing their own private label products; other distributors have also moved into the space. Still, while the margin and branding benefits are attractive, moving into private label brings with it its own challenges and can create tension in the channel. This report explores the pros and cons of pursuing a private label strategy.

This report, now available in PDF format, is a benefit for MDM Premium subscribers. Simply log-in to access and download this series of articles. Not a subscriber? Subscribe or buy this special report above.

Articles included in this Special Report:

The Evolving Role of Private Label: Higher Quality, Shifting Competition Fuel Growth of Private Label
This article examines the growth of private label in B-to-B markets, shifts in the private label landscape and what’s driving distributors to offer private label brands to their customers. It includes the results of a recent survey of MDM readers on private label usage.

Strategies for Private Label Success: Distributors Should Consider Branding, Skillsets & Liability
Creating a successful private label strategy requires more than just putting the distributor’s name on the products. This article looks at key elements of building a private label strategy and the decisions distributors need to make to successfully implement that strategy.

Private Label & Channel Conflict: Distributors Work to Balance National, Private Brands
While the margin and branding benefits of selling private label products may be attractive to distributors, such a move can create tension in the channel. This article examines the potential challenges and how distributors and manufacturers may be able to mitigate them. MDM also analyzes how distributors are balancing private label and manufacturer brands in their portfolios, and looks at why some manufacturers choose to produce private label for distributors and why others avoid it.

Distributor Groups Offer Own Brands: Marketing Groups, Cooperatives Promote Private Labels
Some buying and marketing groups and distributor cooperatives have developed private brands to help members compete more effectively in a competitive landscape that includes more aggressive private brand marketing among larger distributors.

Master Distributors & Private Label
A quick look at how master distributors use private label. This is a sidebar to the above articles.

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