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Distributor's Guide to Analytics - eBook

Distributor's Guide to Analytics - eBook


Product Details

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About the Book

Analytics has evolved rapidly in wholesale distribution channels, fueled in part by the explosion of technology innovation over the past several years but also because of the industry’s natural lifecycle. Companies that establish and build analytic capability are staying ahead of the recent waves of disruption.

No matter where your company is on the spectrum of analytics adoption and thinking, the Distributor’s Guide to Analytics will improve your decision making – and  your bottom line.

This collection provides insight from some of the leading analytic thinkers for distribution. They have applied analytics to solve business problems, identify opportunities and improve performance for thousands of distributors globally.

This guide will help you think differently and more analytically about transforming your company into a higher-performance one. It includes chapters on:

  • Profit Analytics
  • Market Analytics
  • Market Access Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Pricing Analytics
  • Inventory Management Analytics

Praise for the Book

"Analytics is rapidly transforming the wholesale distribution industry. This timely collection of best practices is a practical roadmap to help distributors build stronger analytics capabilities. Share this book with your team to jumpstart data-analytic thinking in your business." - Julia H. Klein, Chairwoman and CEO, C.H. Briggs Co., Reading, PA

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Profit Analytics: Choose the Right Variables to Measure
Dr. Albert D. Bates, Profit Planning Group

Chapter 2
Profit Analytics: Develop and Use Profit Analytics
Randy MacLean, WayPoint Analytics

Chapter 3
Market Analytics: Mine the Gap – World-Class Market Analytics
Thomas P. Gale, MDM Analytics

Chapter 4
Market Access Analytics: Use Data to Deploy Sales & Marketing Effectively
Steve Deist, Indian River Consulting Group

Chapter 5
Marketing Analytics: Customer Profiling for Distributors Jonathan Bein, Ph.D., Real Results Marketing

Chapter 6
Sales Analytics: Focus on the Front End
Brian Gardner, SalesProcess360

Chapter 7 
Pricing Analytics: Analytics for Distributor Pricing & Cost to Serve
Brent Grover, Evergreen Consulting LLC

Chapter 8
Inventory Management Analytics: Maximize Productivity & Profitability
Jon Schreibfeder, Effective Inventory Management

Chapter 9
Next Steps: Build Your Analytics Capability Thomas P. Gale, MDM Analytics

About the Editors

Tom Gale, Publisher, Modern Distribution Management, President, Industrial Market InformationThomas P. Gale

Tom is the Publisher of Modern Distribution Management. Tom has owned Modern Distribution Management since 1993. For decades, Tom has researched and written on significant trends in independent distribution channels, including consolidation, integrated supply, e-commerce, vendor reduction and shifts in value definitions. He is the co-author of Stand Out from the Competition! Four Pathways to Differentiate Your Wholesale Distribution Company and contributed to Outlook 2009: An Executive’s Companion to Facing the Forces of Change, both from the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors. He is a popular speaker on topics affecting independent distribution channels.

Jenel Stelton-HoltmeierJenel Stelton-Holtmeier

Jenel joined MDM as Associate Editor in 2008. While she covers a broad range of topics, she has particular interest in the impact of government policies and the economy on the wholesale distribution industry. Primary sectors covered by Jenel include power transmission/bearing, electrical and building materials.

Prior to joining MDM, Jenel spent seven years working in the banking industry and has written for various publications including the Denver Post. She has Bachelor's of Arts degrees from the University of Oregon (journalism) and Minnesota State University-Moorhead (political science) and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Colorado Boulder.

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