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MDM Special Report Wholesale Distribution Disrupted

MDM Special Report: Wholesale Distribution Disrupted


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Pages: 14 (PDF Report)

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About this report:

After years of evolutionary change, wholesale distribution is on the cusp of truly dramatic disruption from a number of forces. This series of articles, based on conversations with distribution executives and research conducted by Deloitte, identifies some of the critical disrupters affecting the industry and presents a framework for long-term success.

Who should read this report:

Distribution executives who want to ensure their organizations are prepared for disruption will find this report a valuable resource. Understand the changes the industry faces, rethink how your company engages with your customers and focus on ways to maintain and build profitability into the future.

Articles in this report include:

Distribution Disrupted – Guy Blissett

Disruptive forces may have a big impact on the future performance of distributors. This article identifies some of the critical disrupters and their effect on distribution.

This article includes:

  • How financial performance of distributors has changed
  • Overview of disruptive forces
  • Consumerization of expectations

Engage to Combat Disruption  –  Guy Blissett and Sanjay Agarwal

Distributors don't have to be held hostage by disruptive forces. This article introduces a framework for harnessing these disruptive forces and identifies the capabilities distributors need to develop to successfully navigate the inflection point.

This article includes:

  • A breakdown of the “E” framework
  • Creating a leading experience
  • How to convey value to customers and partners

Building a Distributor of the Future – Guy Blissett and Sanjay Agarwal

Disruptive forces are transforming wholesale distribution. This article examines the final two parts of a framework to successfully navigate this inflection point: executing the value chain and energizing the business.

This article includes:

  • How distributors of the future will execute the value chain
  • Harnessing innovation to create new value
  • Energizing the business with analytics and IT
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