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Triple Your Profit - by Al Bates

Triple Your Profit! Stop Being a Profit Soldier and Start Being a Profit Winner


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Paperback book: 76 pages

Al Bates, with extensive experience advising wholesale distribution companies, provides practical business training for hard-working business owners and managers.

Only 10% of all companies produce a great profit. What's the problem?

  • Companies don't really know what drives profit (Hint: It's not sales.)
  • They think they can cut price and make it up with volume (They can't.)
  • They think that improved productivity will lead to higher profit (It never has in the past, and it won't now.)

Focus on profit. Not sales. Don't cut prices - ever. And have a plan, not a meaningless budget.

Watch this video for a quick preview of what Bates covers in this book:

Learn the Triple Your Profit! four-part Profit Improvement System, outlined in this book. The system is a step-by-step plan to drive higher profits. Triple Your Profit! is for those who are serious about making more money. There is no fluff, only hard, proven techniques that work. Buy it, use it, and be prepared to watch your profits skyrocket.

BONUS: 21 profit improvement exhibits in the form of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets that you can download for free with the purchase of this book.

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Table of Contents

  • Step 1: Take the Business Back from Your Accountant
    • Income Statement
    • The Balance Sheet
    • Financial Statements: How Often and How Fast
    • Moving Forward
  • Step 2: Set a Realistic Profit Target
    • Maximum Profit Level
    • Time Frame
    • Moving Forward
  • Step 3: Understand Your Profit Dynamics
    • The Key Profit Drivers
    • Sales Increases
    • Fixed Expense Reductions
    • Gross Margin Increases
    • Investment Reductions
    • Moving Forward
  • Step 4: Make Your Sales Profitably
    • The Payroll Challenge
    • Setting Sales and Payroll Goals
    • Growing Too Fast
    • How Do I Do That?
    • Moving Forward
  • Step 5: Get Control of Your Gross Margin
    • Making It Up with Volume
    • Setting a Gross Margin Target
    • Buy Low, Sell High, and Control In Between
    • Pricing for Profit
    • Putting Everything Together
    • Moving Forward
  • Step 6: Target Your Investment Levels Properly
    • The Break-Even Point
    • The Break-Even Point and Investment Levels
    • Cash Versus Profit
    • Moving Forward
  • Step 7: Developing a Plan
    • Reasons Not to Plan
    • The Planning Process: Thinking Backwards
    • Creating Action Programs
    • Moving Forward
  • To-Do List
  • Appendix
  • Additional Resources

About the Author
Al BatesDr. Albert D. Bates is founder and chairman of Profit Planning Group, a research and executive education firm headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. The firm works exclusively in the area of financial planning for small businesses and has done extensive work with wholesale distribution companies across sectors.

He has written extensively in both the professional and trade press, including the Harvard Business Review, the California Management Review and Business Horizons. He has written three other books.

Dr. Bates received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and his MBA and doctorate from Indiana University. While at Indiana, he was one of the first recipients of the Ford Foundation Fellowship in business education.

Before founding the Profit Planning Group he was a member of the faculty of the University of Colorado. Before that he was a vice president of Management Horizons Inc.

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