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Avoid E-Commerce Tax Pitfalls

How to Avoid E-Commerce Tax Pitfalls - Digital Download


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Best practices for overcoming financial pain points with your online sales strategy.

Implementing e-commerce is challenging enough without considering the tax implications of the online sales that you'll soon start generating. But plenty of pitfalls await the distributor that doesn't prepare a tax strategy alongside a digital strategy.

In this 60-minute webcast, Shane Ratigan, Content Compliance Manager, Avalara Inc., shared best practices for maximizing your resources and avoiding the myriad pain points that arise when developing an e-commerce initiative.

You will learn:

  • When and where online sellers need to collect and remit sales tax
  • How to determine the right rate to charge
  • Tax implications of drop shipping

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Shane RatiganShane Ratigan, Content Compliance Manager, Avalara, Inc.

Shane Ratigan began his career as a self-employed business owner. After 10 years in the motorcycle business, he returned to college to gain a Bachelor's in accounting and a Bachelor's in business administration. He went on to earn his Juris Doctorate at Syracuse University of College of Law in New York and his LLM Master's of Taxation at the University of Washington in Seattle. Shane has spent several years counseling small business owners on tax and succession planning. He is a licensed attorney in Oregon and Washington. Shane currently works in sales tax law and sales tax compliance with Avalara.

Eric Smith, Associate Editor, Modern Distribution Management

Eric Smith, Associate Editor, Modern Distribution Management

Eric joined MDM as Associate Editor in September 2014. A native of Memphis, TN, Eric is an award-winning journalist who earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Rhodes College. Among his many writing stints, he has worked as a sports reporter in Alaska, and also has written for a children's hospital and major university.

More recently, he spent close to eight years as a business reporter and editor for The Daily News in Memphis – renowned as America's Distribution Center – where he covered logistics, distribution and commercial real estate. While covering a wide range of distribution-related topics, Eric is interested in warehousing, shipping and supply chain management.

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