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MDM Special Report: Distribution M&A Playbook

MDM Special Report: Distribution M&A Playbook


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About this report:

Many distribution verticals are experiencing consolidation, and those that haven’t are ripe for it. In this three-part series, author Mike Marks examines factors that have transformed distribution M&A and how companies can succeed in the new market. He provides tips for evaluating deals and for successful integration after close.

Who should read this report:

Distribution executives who want to improve their approach to mergers and acquisitions – as a buyer and a seller. This report will help you assess your position at different stages in the M&A process and avoid common pitfalls.

Articles included in this special report:

Pt. 1: Unlocking Shareholder Value

This article includes:

  • How consolidation unlocks significant value for final shareholders from three primary drivers
  • Rise of private equity
  • Shareholder value for distributors

Pt. 2: The 8 Fatal Flaws in M&A

This article includes:

  • Recognizing and capturing the talent being acquired
  • Understanding the market during due diligence
  • The importance of having a strong communication plan

Pt. 3: Integration Best Practices

This article includes:

  • How the starting point defines the path forward
  • Why distributors are different
  • Best practices in action


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