SHIFT features three distinct, well-focused tracks of instructional content, each designed to show distributors how to:

  • Build a strong[er] hybrid sales organization,
  • Benefit from the ceaseless digital advancements you’re bound to face,
  • Build a high-performing team to attract and retain talent, and
  • Reinforce your organization by applying data analytics that will clarify and allow you to adjust your KPIs.

Track A

Sales Strategy

Learn the strategies, tactics and best practices to drive growth and enhance your sales effectiveness in the competitive wholesale distribution landscape.

Sessions will focus on:

  • Evolving customer expectations
  • Outside to inside sales transformation
  • Emerging sales channels
  • Innovative sales models
  • Case studies from distributors who have “been there, done that!”

Connect with industry experts:

  • Keynotes from the Distribution team leads at McKinsey 
  • Sales leadership at Gartner
  • Motion Industries

Perfect for:

CEO / President; VP Sales & Marketing; Marketing & Sales Directors; Sales Managers

Track B

Tech Strategy

Gain insight into the latest advancements and emerging technologies that will improve your operational efficiency, improve supply chain management, enable data-driven decision-making and drive innovation. 

Sessions will focus on:

  • AI integration and strategies
  • Data analytics
  • Operational efficiency
  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Improving UX and CX
  • How to optimize your tech stack

Connect with industry experts:

  • Wesco International, ADI Global, ARG Industrial & More!
  • White Cup, Infor, Epicor, McFadyen Digital, Proton.ai, BigCommerce, ToolsGroup, WrangleWorks, Credit Key, Vistex, Americaneagle.com, hawksearch

Perfect for:

Technology Leaders – CTO; CIO; CX Director / Managers; Marketing Leaders – CMO, VP; Operational Leaders – CFO, COO, CEO, President

Track C

People Strategy

MDM’s research continues to indicate talent/staffing is distributors’ biggest obstacle at the moment. Get advice on how to build high-performing teams and address critical workforce challenges of attracting, retaining and developing top talent and managing generational shifts.

 Sessions will focus on:

  • Talent pipelines
  • Understanding how to create effective leaders
  • What the future culture of a successful distributor looks like
  • Why mental health is a critical business conversation
  • How AI can assist your talent management processes

Connect with industry experts:

  • The Granite Group, Packer Fastener & More!

Perfect for:

CEO / President; Financial Leaders; Data/Sales Analysts; Marketing Leaders; BI Managers

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