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Simple Steps for Distributors to Leverage Social Media and Close More Business

Use social selling to connect and engage with prospects and outsell your competition.
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Do Your Customers Want to Order or Shop?

There are two types of online purchases made by distributors, each requiring its own e-commerce strategy.
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How to Get Your Sales Team to Embrace E-commerce

Overcome common objections from the people most suspicious of a new platform.
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The 3 Ps of Outstanding Customer Experience

Devoting equal attention to product, process and people can help distributors create loyal brand promoters.
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It Takes More Than Account Managers to Drive Sales and Profitability

The digital revolution has changed the way customers gather information and buy products.
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To Differentiate Your Customers’ Online Experience, Change Your Product Descriptors

Distributors can benefit from breaking down products into the facets that define their digital DNA.
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“What Percentage of Your Sales are Online?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

Meeting customer needs is the most important metric for distributors.
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Identify and Act on Accounts That Eat Your Lunch

These high-volume, low-profit customers can put your company at risk.
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Data That Drives Customer Experience

The best way to support sales online is through effective product content
Distributors looking to grow and compete in the digital landscape need to take a structured approach and build a system. This excerpt from the book Digital Branch™ Secrets: eCommerce Playbook for Distributors outlines a critical ...
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The Flaws in Using Gross Margin as a Business Performance Benchmark

The average distributor sees just 25% or less in profit realization.
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Article Access: A Strategic Imperative to Fight the Sales Status Quo

The rise of Amazon, other digital platforms and fast-changing customer expectations of the buying process have disrupted the role of the traditional field salesperson. More than 100 distribution industry leaders met in Denver in late June at MDM’s Sales GPS 2018 event to discuss the evolution of the distribution sales model to one that adds more value and helps them adapt to a changing market.

This article includes:

  • The traditional sales force as a margin killer
  • Why customer size doesn’t equal customer potential
  • Proceeding with caution

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