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5 Ways Distributors Can Improve E-Commerce Practices

Rise in the search rankings by focusing on mobile, keep customers there with improved page speed.
B2B e-commerce is a $1-trillion industry that’s rapidly growing. For distributors to keep up, Marty Acks of CDI Technology recommends making mobile website optimization a priority, as well as improved page speed and a variety ...
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The E-Commerce Challenge for Small Distributors

Seven factors to consider when looking for a digital transformation partner.
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Amazon Will Invest $15B in Third-Party Sellers

Company announces 150 tools and services launched in 2019.
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Distributors Struggle with Online Pricing

Companies have the most difficulty with a lack of consistent pricing across channels, technology issues and poor online customer experience.
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How to Get Your Sales Team to Embrace E-commerce

Overcome common objections from the people most suspicious of a new platform.
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“What Percentage of Your Sales are Online?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

Meeting customer needs is the most important metric for distributors.
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4 Strategies to Get Ahead in B2B E-Commerce

You may not compete with Amazon, but your customers expect you to serve like them.
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5 Risks Distributors Take When They Don’t Know Their Customers

A commitment to determining the communication preferences of individual customers can bring high returns.
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Is E-commerce Market Penetration Reaching a Tipping Point?

MDM/Real Results Marketing survey aims to benchmark e-commerce growth for distributors and manufacturers.
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The Highest E-Commerce Hurdle Isn't Technology

Internal buy-in is tough; the sales team has to be onboard.
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