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Is E-commerce Market Penetration Reaching a Tipping Point?

MDM/Real Results Marketing survey aims to benchmark e-commerce growth for distributors and manufacturers.
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The Highest E-Commerce Hurdle Isn't Technology

Internal buy-in is tough; the sales team has to be onboard.
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Symbia Logistics Completes Three Acquisitions

Company is pursuing an aggressive growth strategy.
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MDM Classics: Grainger’s Pricing Woes

In this blog series, MDM will periodically mine its archives to bring you insights from some of our most popular Premium articles.
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E-commerce as Competitive Advantage

Distributors are struggling to build an effective online presence
The wholesale distribution industry is making the transition to e-commerce, but it is doing so slowly. Early adopters of transaction-enabled websites are not only positioning themselves well for the future but are also gaining a ...
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Digital Behavior: Let’s Talk Turkey

Many distributors are starting to feel skewered by the challenges posed by online competitors.
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Leadership for the Digital Age

Question. Understand. Act. Repeat.
Distributors have been through cycles of challenge and response before, but change is different in the digital age. Past challenges came from industry insiders with game-changing business models built around leveraging scale and removing redundancies ...
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The Complete List of Distributors Not Affected by Amazon Business

Has widespread disruption reached wholesale distribution?
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All Industrial Tool Adds to Service Offering

Distributor partners with GlobalShopex to add international e-commerce and shipping options.
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Key Drivers for E-commerce Demand

Distributor priorities for e-commerce investment continued to evolve in 2017
Distributor e-commerce reached a remarkable tipping point in 2017: The percentage of distributors deriving more than a tenth of total revenues from e-commerce grew from 34 to 41 percent. In this article, we explore additional ...
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