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How Analytics are Democratizing the Distribution Market

Companies are taking control of their market position by adopting and using advanced analytics.
Dependence on traditional measures such as gross margin can put a drag on growth and profits. New metrics such as cash-flow value to expenses or expenses as percent of revenue, combined with customer-focused services, are ...
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How Distributors Can Use an Economic Slowdown to Their Advantage

Three key areas to focus on to improve profits — even during a business slowdown.
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Tribute Inc. Unveils E-Commerce Partnership with Aldrich Web Solutions

The partnership integrates Tribute's TrulinX ERP software with Aldrich's WebAlliance integrated e-commerce suite of products.
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Closing the Data Analytics Gap

Recommendations for optimizing data analytics
As top distributors become more proficient with data analysis, others are falling behind, creating a critical gap in competitive business intelligence. Four of the speakers at MDM’s upcoming Analytics Summit share their recommendations here for ...
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How Distributors Can Leverage Their Unstructured Data

Unlock valuable business and customer insights to identify patterns and pinpoint supply-chain inefficiencies.
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The Analytics of Operational Efficiency in Distribution

Distributors cannot generate high profit rates without high efficiency.
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Truckload Volumes Rose in March According to the DAT Freight Index

Ample capacity and weather-related supply chain disruptions kept rates in check.
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How to Grow a Profit Analytics Culture

Distributors can shift from a revenue-share mindset to a profit-share mindset by zeroing in on three key metrics
Analytics-driven operations can deliver staggering profit gains, but it takes a visionary leader who won’t accept a company’s current limited analytical expertise. In this article the author, who will outline these concepts at MDM’s Pricing ...
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MDM Classics: Managing Pricing Algorithms

Three factors for distributors to consider when evaluating risks in automatic pricing.
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State of Distributor Marketing, Pt. 2: Right People, Right Message

MDM’s Annual State of Distributor Marketing research tracks generational shift and targeted marketing
In Part 1 of this series, we presented the results of an MDM survey about distributor marketing, focusing on the level of success they are currently having in their marketing efforts and to what extent ...
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Article Access: Commentary: Data is Only Half the Story

The power of analytics and data to improve company performance has grabbed everyone’s attention, and with extremely positive impacts overall, but too often we fixate on specific data points and then lose sight of the larger (and sometimes smaller) picture.

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