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Sales Compensation


Engman-Taylor Creates Cost Saving Teams

This article is a part of MDM's 2014 Distribution Trends Report. The article reviews industrial distributor and integrated supplier Engman-Taylor, which trademarked its Cost Circles program, reducing costs for customers in manufacturing, price and administration. ...
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Tip: To Help Your Sales Force, Know What Customers Want

Segmentation, targeting and positioning are key to developing an effective sales strategy.
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Tip: Consider Cost-to-Serve in Sales Compensation Plans

Basing sales comp plans only on sales and gross profit may negatively impact profitability.
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Hey CFO, There's Still Something Wrong with Sales Incentives

With all the data available today, there's no excuse to keep incentivizing mediocre results.
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The Secret to Right-Sizing Your Sales Force

Ratios and sales levels should be just part of the equation in determining the size of your sales force.
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Tip: To Achieve Your Sales Objectives, Make Sure Your Objectives are Clear

It's difficult for a sales team to achieve its objectives if those objectives aren't clear or if the right tools aren't available.
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