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Tom Gale


Commentary: Connecting Innovation, Technology & Distribution Value

Technology is just one aspect of a successful digital transformation process
Just as important as technology – and perhaps more so for distributors – are building the right business processes and organizational structures to make sure you are creating the best value for your customers. That’s ...
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Ludwig Meister: The Race for Digital Innovation

The distributor strengthened backend automation capabilities before turning to the sales side of the business
This Munich-based, third-generation distributor of bearings, power transmission, fluid power and tooling products took a non-traditional approach to transforming into a digital distribution business. It started by digitizing and strengthening the automation capabilities of its ...
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Commentary: 3 Keys to Distribution Digital Success

Digital for the sake of digital gets you nowhere
MDM is kicking off our inaugural class of 2019 Digital Innovator Award winners with profiles from Ludwig Meister and Hisco. Subscribers should log-in below to read this article.
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Commentary: Define Disruption: Changing the Tires On a Moving Car

The rise of digital is threatening and enabling traditional distribution models
Not surprisingly, our quarterly Baird cover story confirms both leading indicators as well as what we’re hearing anecdotally from distribution executives. The first quarter showed signs of weakness compared to the previous quarter for most ...
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Why Third-Party Sellers Are Important to Amazon

Bezos outlines growth in annual shareholders letter
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Industrial Supply Association Relaunches with Channel 2.0 Convention

ISA emphasizes how member groups can optimize roles to stay relevant to customers.
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Commentary: New Value Models Are Emerging

Digital is driving a lot of change in distribution, but not everything
Digital is driving a lot of change in distribution, but not everything. There are other factors at play. It’s important to not fixate on Amazon (but don’t ignore!). It’s more important to maintain some perspective ...
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E-commerce as Competitive Advantage

Distributors are struggling to build an effective online presence
The wholesale distribution industry is making the transition to e-commerce, but it is doing so slowly. Early adopters of transaction-enabled websites are not only positioning themselves well for the future but are also gaining a ...
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Commentary: Profit Dynamics in a Shifting Business Cycle…With a Twist

No one can accurately predict if, when or how deep a market downturn might unfold
As we wrap up the first quarter of 2019, MDM is hearing distributors confirm the recent warnings by business economists of a tapering economic cycle on the back side of a record 2018: leading indicators ...
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Commentary: Process Improvement

Do something before you have to
If this isn’t the year to prioritize pricing and profitability improvement, I’m not sure when would be better! Do something before you have to. Subscribers should log-in below to read this article.
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Article Access: Commentary: Data is Only Half the Story

The power of analytics and data to improve company performance has grabbed everyone’s attention, and with extremely positive impacts overall, but too often we fixate on specific data points and then lose sight of the larger (and sometimes smaller) picture.

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