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Tom Gale


E-commerce as Competitive Advantage

Distributors are struggling to build an effective online presence
The wholesale distribution industry is making the transition to e-commerce, but it is doing so slowly. Early adopters of transaction-enabled websites are not only positioning themselves well for the future but are also gaining a ...
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Digital Behavior: Let’s Talk Turkey

Many distributors are starting to feel skewered by the challenges posed by online competitors.
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Commentary: Key Growth Drivers for 2019

Combining digital and analytics is a 1+1=3 equation
Most companies in this third quarter have spent time translating strategy into a 2019 business plan. We receive a lot of inquiries about where the winds are blowing the tea leaves as planning teams develop ...
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Commentary: John Gagliardi’s Lessons for Distribution Executives

The power of thinking independently
The power of thinking independently. Subscribers should log in below to read this article.
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Commentary: Mind the Gap

Distribution analytics in three years.
Analytics in the distribution industry are at an early stage and yet more accessible to management teams than ever. Some distributors will leverage these new tools more effectively than their competitors to open a gap; ...
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MDM's Amazon Business Interview: $10B Run Rate in 2018

VP Prentis Wilson highlights innovations
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Commentary: 2018 Distribution Trends

Digital, cost pressure and more.
At the end of 2017, MDM published an article, Top Trends for 2018, that outlined the key trends distributors would have to manage in 2018. Here’s an update on that forecast. Subscribers should log in ...
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Tariffs Top Manufacturer Concerns

ISM July survey highlights uncertainty
Third-quarter earnings reports should tell a more complete story for how tariffs are impacting exporter performance. This article includes: ISM Survey Highlights Tariff Impact What Purchasing Executives Are Saying: July 2018 Subscribers should log in ...
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Commentary: How Do You Spell Respect?

This is not a diatribe about technology
This is not a diatribe about technology. Subscribers should log in below to read this article. Not a subscriber? Subscribe below or learn more. Subscribers also have access to the following related articles: MDM-Baird Distribution ...
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Article Access: Commentary: Data is Only Half the Story

The power of analytics and data to improve company performance has grabbed everyone’s attention, and with extremely positive impacts overall, but too often we fixate on specific data points and then lose sight of the larger (and sometimes smaller) picture.

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