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Inventory Management


Capitalizing on Amazon’s Weakest Link: Inventory Management

Five ways distributors can improve customer relationships with vending tools.
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Is Inventory Sharing a Solution to Distributors’ Surplus Inventory Problem? Maybe.

Successful inventory sharing networks have six things in common, including a proactive approach to the process.
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The Flaws in Using Gross Margin as a Business Performance Benchmark

The average distributor sees just 25% or less in profit realization.
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MDM’s Top 5 Blogs of March

A common theme resonated throughout MDM’s most-read blogs.
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Make Sales Reps Your Vending Program’s Biggest Fans

Three ways non-retail vending programs can be a powerful tool to set distributors apart.
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How Distributors Can Win with Vending

Give customers what they want: lower consumption, lower carrying costs and decrease stock-outs.
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Managing Consigned Inventory Can Be a Nightmare — It Doesn’t Have to Be

Here are three best practices for distributors to minimize consignment risks.
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Are Your Scorecards Putting Suppliers on the Defensive?

An adversarial approach may have the opposite of the desired effect.
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Tip: Prioritize Top-Notch Service for Successful Vending

Simply implementing vending for customers won't guarantee a return.
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How to Calculate Vending ROI

Weigh these costs and benefits before venturing into the vending fray.
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