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Ian Heller


“What Percentage of Your Sales are Online?” is the Wrong Question to Ask

Meeting customer needs is the most important metric for distributors.
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The e-commerce marketplace is working with independent distributors nationwide
As President of Kelly & Hayes, a 73-year-old commercial and industrial electrical supply house, Christian Brockey knows firsthand the challenge of selling materials that have been sitting on the shelf for years. “Often, we say ...
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Your Inside Sales People are Giving Away Your Profits

Approaching calls with a customer-service focus often results in unsolicited discounts that create an unnecessary margin hit.
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Maybe Your Margin Problem is That You’re Buying Wrong, Not Selling Wrong

Five solutions to common distributor purchasing mistakes that will put lost dollars back in your pocket.
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The Death of the Local Branch Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

Branch managers in distribution are often stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place.
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The Early Warning Sign That You Hired the Wrong Person

Time to call time on a bad hire?
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How to Present to Senior Executives

Reach for the heart as well as the head, no matter the subject matter
MDM President Ian Heller has had the honor of serving as a VP for four large, publicly held distributors and has presented to various boards of directors, private equity investors, CEOs and so forth. As ...
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Commentary: Distributors Happy with Amazon Business – What’s the Risk?

Some view the company as a Trojan horse
Does this mean the company is more an industry ally vs. a competitor? Subscribers should log in below to read this article.
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Customer and Product Data: Oxygen for Distributors

Distributors who are positioned to succeed in the future are investing aggressively in these data.
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