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Legal Issues in Wholesale Distribution


Is Now the Time to Convert from an S Corp to a C Corp?

New federal law creates an opportunity for a select set of distributors to realize big tax savings – worth a review.
It’s common practice at accounting firm Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP, to assist privately held distributors and other corporate clients with what the firm calls “walkaway cashflow modeling,” where they evaluate how the client would ...
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Lessons for Distributors from Dental Lawsuits

Digital disruption is changing the competitive dynamics in the marketplace.
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Antitrust Actions Hit Dental Distribution Hard

How these companies got into trouble provides lessons across all sectors
Anticompetitive conduct lawsuits over several years are adding up to an estimated $100 million or more in settlement and legal fees for the three largest U.S. dental supplies distributors. A Federal Trade Commission case is ...
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Commentary: 3 Lessons for Distributors from Dental Industry Lawsuits

Antitrust issues are real and can have huge impacts
A series of antitrust lawsuits and other legal actions over the last several years will end up costing the largest three dental distributors in the U.S. upwards of $100 million in settlement fines and legal ...
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Recommended Reading: Don't Rely on Regulations to Fight Counterfeits

Working with channel partners is imperative to mitigate counterfeiting risk.
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How to Protect Against Counterfeiting

Don’t let imitation products diminish your position in the supply chain
Knock-off products are found everywhere, from watches and handbags to bearings, electrical products and construction materials. The effects of counterfeit products go beyond lost revenues and the misappropriated use of another’s trademark. This article examines ...
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Fastenal Canada Fined for Environmental Damages

Company pleads guilty to importing, selling aerosol products containing hydrochlorofluorocarbons.
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The Home Depot to Pay $5.7 Million Civil Penalty Over Recalled Products

The company has agreed to a maintain compliance program for selling and distributing recalled products.
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Death Knell for Obama Overtime Rule

Federal judge's ruling strikes down current rule, but alternatives may be on the horizon.
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HD Supply Faces Class Action Lawsuit by Investors

Complaint alleges company misled investors on compliance, operational and business policies.
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