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S7E5: The State and Benefits of Product Data Standardization

In this MDM Podcast, our analytics manager interviews ETIM North America Executive Director Mary Shaw, who provides expert insight into the current state of data standardization for manufacturers, distributors and end users. The discussion explores the benefits of standardizing product data and taking the next step into your data journey.

S7E4: Fragmentation isn’t Just Sector-Wide, it’s Within Each Market

We all know the distribution sector is highly fragmented, but to what extent? A chat with McKinsey partners Alex Abdelnour and Kevin Sachs dives into the state of fragmentation within various markets and the factors that separate leading distributors from laggards.

S7E3: The Evolving Role of Associations & Buying Groups

Ranga Bodla, NetSuite’s head of Industrial Marketing, stops by to discuss how the role of distribution associations and buying groups has evolved over the past decade — particularly from 2020 onward — and his company’s newly-launched initiative to better support those groups with education and networking opportunities.

S6E5: Larry Davis, AgoNow CEO, on the mandate for digitizing the customer journey across industrial channels.

Larry Davis has strong opinions on change and opportunities to make the supply chain work more effectively as customers have moved quickly to digital procurement. We discuss hybrid sales roles, the power of digital content, value creation and the era of collaboration that is defining new models of competitive advantage going forward.

S6E4: Interview with Avnet’s Peggy Carrieres on solving inventory issues and designing for manufacturing

Peggy Carrieres has worked more than 20 years in the semiconductor industry, including the past six at global electronic components distributor Avnet. An expert in supply chain issues, customer management contracts, pricing negotiations and other industry elements, Carrieres talks about how distributors can ensure a financially healthy inventory mix while working with customers to enrich end-to-end design functions.

S6E3: Interview with Factrees CEO Keith Williams on its network platform and distribution marketplaces

After a career leading digital transformation for large distributors and B2C firms, Williams launched networking platform Factrees to digitize and modernize distributor-rep-manufacturer relationships. Think ‘LinkedIn meets a dating app’ to streamline how industrial/construction products sellers find sourcing partners.

S6E2: Digital Transformation: What does it really mean for distributors?

Shift7 Digital CEO Andrew Walker draws on his extensive B2B consulting experience with distributors and manufacturers — including Global Industrial — to share what makes for an effective technology strategy. Listen to hear why a product-first focus doesn’t work in distribution e-commerce, the benefits of content storytelling and other ways to differentiate your company’s online experience.

S6E1: Interview with Al Bates, Distribution Performance Project

In this episode, Al Bates, principal of Distribution Performance Project and guru of financial performance benchmarking, shares three factors for how smaller distributors can gain competitive advantage against larger competitors as he sees high-touch customer opportunities developing. He also discusses why he wrote his latest book, Profit Guide for the Small Distributor, where he details a profit-first methodology and playbook.

13: Interview with Zoro’s Tracy Buelow on building a credible e-commerce platform

In this podcast, Tracy Buelow, senior director of business development at Zoro, talks about the business elements that are essential to the success of e-commerce platforms and the pandemic’s lasting effect on distributors’ approach to e-commerce.

12: Interview with Will Humsi, Simon-Kucher & Partners, on inflation management

What separates businesses that are successful at recouping inflationary pressures versus those that aren’t? Drawing from more than a decade of experience in B2B pricing, sales and strategy consulting, Will Humsi, partner at consultancy Simon-Kucher, shares ways distributors can be strategic about their pricing strategy to combat inflation and other margin-reducing factors.

10: Interview with Jinny Kcehowski, Curbell Plastics, on the Latest Training Techniques

A lot has changed in distribution training best practices in the decade-plus since Jinny Kcehowski took over internal employee training at Curbell Plastics. And that was before the pandemic sent everything virtual. In this podcast, Kcehowski discusses how to use training as a retention technique, pitfalls to avoid and the future of employee development.

10: Interview with Mark Roberts, CEO, OTB Solutions on Sales Team Effectiveness.

Distribution sales strategist Mark Roberts has one question for you: Do you really need more sales people? Perhaps the real question should be: How can I make the most out of my existing sales team? Roberts breaks down the latest thinking on distribution sales team effectiveness, including how to determine who might be better placed in another position.

9: Motion President Randy Breaux: Listen to Customers and Be Transparent with Employees

In this podcast, Motion President Randy Breaux talks about the lessons learned last year and this year, and what he sees coming down the pipe in 2022. There has been an abundance of lessons learned by distributors ever since the pandemic hit last year, but Motion President Randy Breaux says some of the biggest include a better human touch with employees and keeping a laser focus on what customers want.

8: Interview with Dave Flitman, CEO, Builders FirstSource, on what’s driving growth, the importance of M&A and the role technology plays for the distributor

In the latest MDM Podcast, Dave Flitman, president and CEO of Builders FirstSource, discusses on a wide range of topics, including where the company sees organic growth white space, how M&A — most notably the 2020 merger with BMC Stock Holdings but other smaller deals, too — is reshaping the company and how it views technology as a differentiator.

7: Interview with Ferguson’s Kelsey Bergan and Denise Vaughn on Sustainability in Distribution

Sustainability is more than a buzzword at Ferguson. It’s an integral part of the distributor’s business practices that touches on all areas of company operation. It’s also key to the organization’s community outreach efforts. Hear Kelsey Bergan, director of sustainability, and Denise Vaughn, SVP of sustainability and communications, address their key focus areas and share advice for other distributors who want to improve environmental efforts.  

6: Interview with Dan Tinker on SRS Distribution’s rapid growth and what’s next for the building materials distributor

In the latest MDM Podcast, Dan Tinker, president and CEO of McKinney, Texas-based building materials distributor SRS Distribution, dishes on a wide range of topics, including the company’s private equity backing, its unique and aggressive acquisition strategy that complements SRS’s greenfield approach, and what’s been driving growth since the company was formed in 2008.

5: Interview with Winsupply President John McKenzie on how his company is solving supply chain and labor issues

In this podcast, Winsupply President John McKenzie talks about how his company is addressing supply chain constraints, the labor shortage and hybrid training, as well as how Winsupply is driving more of its business to digital.

4: Interview with Jon and Matt Schreibfeder of Effective Inventory Management on best practices in inventory management

Jon Schreibfeder has received more calls in the last six months from distributors looking for inventory management consulting than at any other time in his 40+ years in the field. Listen in as the Schreibfeders share their insider tips on practical, data-based solutions to handle today’s supply chain disruptions.

3: Interview with Will Matthews of Matthews Performance Group on talent management

There are many elements in life and business that we cannot control. But when it comes to tackling talent management challenges like recruiting and retention, board-certified coach Will Matthews explains how we can adjust our behavior in order to play to the strengths of our best employees and recruits. Matthews shares simple ways for distributors to create a rapport that builds on working relationships and increases job satisfaction on all sides.

2: Interview with David Oldfather and Mike Wentz of IDEA on competitive technology in distribution

With decades of experience in distribution technology application between two of them, David Oldfather and Mike Wentz of the Industry Data Exchange Association discuss the importance of clean data in the future of distribution technology. Listen as the pair share how to handle the latest developments in areas such as 360-degree imaging, improved data standards and how technology can help with challenges like manpower shortages.

1: Interview with Essendant President and CEO Harry Dochelli on the company’s ongoing transformation

Harry Dochelli has both experienced and orchestrated plenty of change at Essendant, the Deerfield, Illinois-based wholesaler of office products, furniture, breakroom, JanSan and Safety product categories. In addition to navigating the disruption of the last 18 months, Dochelli has guided the company through new ownership and other organizational shifts in recent years. In this MDM Podcast, Dochelli discusses lessons learned during COVID-19 and how Essendant is well-positioned for the post-pandemic economy.

16: Interview with NetPlus Alliance’s Jennifer Murphy and Developing Professionals’ Lori Miller on organizational restructuring

Intentional organizational development that includes a company restructure is often discussed but rarely followed through. Along with the help of her business coach Lori Miller of Developing Professionals, NetPlus Alliance President and Owner Jennifer Murphy pulled off the task with satisfying results. Listen to the pair discuss the change process and provide tips on how to make it happen for you.

15: Interview with Alex Moazed, Applico CEO, on key characteristics of successful marketplaces

Hundreds of e-commerce marketplaces have popped up in the last few years. How can a distributor distinguish those that are more likely to last? Digital platform consultancy Applico’s CEO Alex Moazed and Managing Director Nick Johnson address the details behind their company’s top marketplaces ranking and how they see distributors using such platforms to compete with Amazon and other online giants.

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