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Turn Your Data Into Actionable Growth with MDM Analytics

MDM Analytics gives you access to market demand profiling like no other, with a clearer view of high-potential targets and accounts by category.

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Powerful, Proprietary Data Delivered Two Ways:

Market Prospector

A subscription-based SaaS tool you can use to perform customized searches using filters by product, industry segment, geography and size to gather invaluable market insights.

Custom Data & Reporting

An expert analytics service that cleans and appends your existing transactional data, evaluating market coverage and optimizing your go-to-market model.

Drive your sales growth to new heights
  • Create smarter prospect lists for your sales professionals
  • Target high-potential prospects by geography, by industry, or by products consumed
  • Segment your trading area by industry
  • Identify areas for market penetration and untapped potential
  • Identify definitive product demand by region
  • Assess your customers’ and prospects’ full potential
  • Improve sales growth, margins and return on capital
  • Better understand your market share and market potential

Let's Create a Data Sample for You!

You Give Us:

  • The market you’re in right now
  • The market you’d like to grow in
  • The geography
  • The product

We’ll Give You a Profile of your Market by Industry that Includes:

  • The number of targets
  • The dollar demand
  • The top industries
  • The top 10 prospects to go after!
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Not Sure Where to Start? Download This Free eBook!

[Turn Your Data Into Actionable Growth] Data has never been more accessible, nor has it ever been more critical to a distributor’s success. But simply obtaining data is just a starting point. How the data is used and analyzed will ultimately determine the impact it will have on your business. This eBook introduces distributors to  the benefits of analytics, including how data-informed decisions can help a company analyze market potential, profile customers and better target prospects — all of which can grow revenue, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Become a Client

MDM Analytics has been a trusted analytics resource for more than 30 years and is the leading market analytics resource for electrical, industrial and construction product sales information in North America. 

We provide market profile reports, modeling tools and customized research to support each of our client’s unique needs, product portfolio and markets served. Put MDM’s Market Analytics to work for your success today! We’ve helped hundreds of clients, including distributors, manufacturers, global consultants and private equity firms reach their full market potential.

No other resource maps the unique demand patterns at postal/metro levels as precisely as MDM’s proprietary models for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Make MDM Analytics your #1 strategic planning partner and gain access to the most comprehensive market sizing, segmentation and forecasting data, including postal code and discrete product category levels.

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