MDM LIVE: COVID-19 Impacts on Distributor Operations

Watch this two-hour discussion with distribution executives to learn about their experiences and impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on customers, suppliers, operations and team. In our first hour, we cover how to pivot quickly to keep customers and sales teams engaged. In the second hour, we’ll hear from distribution leaders on the impacts of COVID-19 on operations, what they are hearing from customers and how they are leading their teams. Co-hosts: MDM CEO Tom Gale, MDM VP Analytics & E-Business John Gunderson, Mike Marks, Indian River Consulting Group


Hour 1: Sales Strategy & Tactics

Hour 2: Reports from the Field

  • Ted Stark, President, Dalco Enterprises (JanSan distributor)
  • Offshore supply chain impacts
    • Kirk Zehnder, President, Earnest Machine (master fastener distributor)
    • Joe DeMarco, Vice President, LINC Systems (industrial fastening solutions)
  • Bob Dill, President & CEO, Hisco (specialty adhesives/industrial distributor)
Resources discussed by speakers during this program: