Kimball Midwest - Modern Distribution Management
Kimball Midwest

Company Profile

Headquarters: Columbus, OH

Key Executives: Pat McCurdy, President & CEO

2022 MRO Industrial Rank:17

2022 Fasteners Rank:11

2022 Industrial Rank:37

2021 Top 40 Rank:36

2021 MRO Industrial Rank:15

2020 Top 40 Rank:40

2020 MRO Industrial Rank:15

2019 Industrial Rank:40

2019 Fluid Power Rank:

2019 MRO Industrial Rank:15

2018 Fluid Power Rank:

2017 Fluid Power Rank:

Financial Profile

Fiscal 2021 Revenues: $350M

Fiscal 2020 Revenues: $302.0M

Fiscal 2019 Revenues: NA


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