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Bolster Your Sales & Go-to-Market Strategy Discussion Forum

As a follow-up to our 60-minute webcast, attendees will participate in an in-depth conversation on their experiences and biggest challenges with right-sizing and redesigning their outside and inside sales forces to align them with customer needs and opportunities. In this roundtable-style conversation, the group will explore key learnings and insights to help create happier customers, more productive sales staff and a bigger bottom line with facilitator John Nantz of Redwood Advisors.

Modern Distribution Management will be hosting this discussion forum in partnership with Redwood Advisors.

MDM Webcast: Revealing a Proven Methodology for Bolstering Sales

Even with great salespeople, distributors often serve the wrong customers in the wrong channels in the wrong ways. Most distributors have a significant opportunity to drive top and bottom-line growth by optimizing their go-to-market (GTM) strategy and approach, particularly their outside and inside sales forces. Many distributors have invested in an expensive sales force, but it’s not optimized — and that puts senior management at risk.

In this 60-minute webcast, attendees will receive in-depth insights on how to right-size and redesign their outside and inside sales forces to perfectly align them with customer needs and opportunities. These core strategies will help create happier customers, more productive sales staff and a bigger bottom line by optimizing your customer segmentation and account mapping.

Modern Distribution Management hosts this webinar in partnership with Redwood Advisors and addresses key questions, including:

• What are the three key phases to optimize your sales go-to-market?
What are some effective dimensions to segment your customers?
• What is an effective approach to mapping customer segments to sales channels?
• What is an effective method for designing sales territories?


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