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Elevate Your Sales Game: The Ultimate CRM Playbook for Distributors

As distributors adapt to changing dynamics, CRM software has evolved to become much more than a tool for logging activity and tracking sales performance. A robust, user-friendly CRM platform empowers sales reps and your entire customer-facing team to be more efficient and proactive, improving customer engagement and profitability. 


In this resource, we’ll discuss the key benefits of CRM software, the most important factors distributors should consider when evaluating solutions, how to improve user adoption, and how to maximize the impact of your CRM with battle-tested sales workflows.


Achieving Consistent Customer Experience: A Distributor’s Guide

In today’s dynamic business landscape, ensuring a consistent and exceptional customer experience is the ultimate differentiator. The path to success for B2B distributors is no longer just about products and services; it’s about the seamless journeys you create. Our whitepaper, “Achieving Consistent Customer Experience: A Distributor’s Guide,” is your roadmap to achieving excellence. By exploring innovative strategies, overcoming challenges, and reaping the rewards, you’ll position your business at the forefront of customer-centricity.


Don’t merely adapt—lead the way. Embrace the future of distribution, download the whitepaper now, and watch your business transform into a customer-centric powerhouse.


New Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Distributor’s Guide

Introducing “New Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Distributor’s Guide” – a comprehensive whitepaper that delves into the evolving landscape of B2B distribution. In today’s global economy, where connections between manufacturers, retailers, and end-users are more crucial than ever, traditional distribution models are facing significant disruptions due to digital transformation, shifting customer behaviors, and supply chain complexities. To remain competitive and ensure sustained growth, distributors must anticipate and adapt to these challenges.


In the rapidly evolving distribution landscape, embracing technology, nurturing talent, and enhancing supply chain resilience are critical for distributors to thrive. This whitepaper equips distributors with valuable insights and strategies to navigate these complexities successfully. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource for the future of B2B distribution.


The Future of AI in Distribution

This report defines artificial intelligence and machine learning and how leading companies are using them so that executives understand both the promises of AI and the threat posed by competitors who use it well. In this analysis, we will cover a wide range of technology topics, and we will start by defining and explaining some terms that may be new to you.

2018 Market Leaders Profiles Full Report

This free PDF includes lists of top distributors in 14 sectors, including:

  •  Company profiles
  •  4-year revenue trend data
  •  14 sector snapshots

2018 Top Distributors List

This free PDF includes lists of top distribution companies across 14 sectors.

The lists are ranked in order of 2017 revenue size alone; no other factors were used to compile these lists.

Your Amazon Business Playbook: A Strategic Evaluation for Distributors

This report, focusing on distribution’s omnichannel future, follows Amazon’s rise as it rapidly built the competencies needed to master B2B distribution the way it mastered the online bookstore. We examine the threats that Amazon poses, the rise of Amazon Business – formerly AmazonSupply – and why it presents a clear threat to today’s distributor.

The Field Sales Rep of the Future

This free report highlights five practices firms are using to transition their field sales rep roles from being self-directed generalists to management-directed specialists.

Top 5 Mistakes Distributors Make with Vending

Learn how to avoid these common pitfalls distributors make with vending.

2018 Distribution Industry Outlook Highlights

Each year MDM provides an outlook of the state of the distribution industry based on reader surveys and data collected in partnership with Baird.

This PDF includes an overview of current economic conditions, expectations for 2018 and the top three trends to pay attention to in the year ahead.

2017 Top Distributors List

This free PDF includes lists of top distribution companies across 14 sectors.

The lists are ranked in order of 2016 revenue size alone; no other factors were used to compile these lists.

Investment Banking Directory

Work with a banking partner that knows your business. Get detailed information on investment banks with expertise in the wholesale distribution industry.

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