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Elevate Your Sales Game: The Ultimate CRM Playbook for Distributors

As distributors adapt to changing dynamics, CRM software has evolved to become much more than a tool for logging activity and tracking sales performance. A robust, user-friendly CRM platform empowers sales reps and your entire customer-facing team to be more efficient and proactive, improving customer engagement and profitability. 


In this resource, we’ll discuss the key benefits of CRM software, the most important factors distributors should consider when evaluating solutions, how to improve user adoption, and how to maximize the impact of your CRM with battle-tested sales workflows.


Achieving Consistent Customer Experience: A Distributor’s Guide

In today’s dynamic business landscape, ensuring a consistent and exceptional customer experience is the ultimate differentiator. The path to success for B2B distributors is no longer just about products and services; it’s about the seamless journeys you create. Our whitepaper, “Achieving Consistent Customer Experience: A Distributor’s Guide,” is your roadmap to achieving excellence. By exploring innovative strategies, overcoming challenges, and reaping the rewards, you’ll position your business at the forefront of customer-centricity.


Don’t merely adapt—lead the way. Embrace the future of distribution, download the whitepaper now, and watch your business transform into a customer-centric powerhouse.


New Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Distributor’s Guide

Introducing “New Solutions for Tomorrow’s Challenges: A Distributor’s Guide” – a comprehensive whitepaper that delves into the evolving landscape of B2B distribution. In today’s global economy, where connections between manufacturers, retailers, and end-users are more crucial than ever, traditional distribution models are facing significant disruptions due to digital transformation, shifting customer behaviors, and supply chain complexities. To remain competitive and ensure sustained growth, distributors must anticipate and adapt to these challenges.


In the rapidly evolving distribution landscape, embracing technology, nurturing talent, and enhancing supply chain resilience are critical for distributors to thrive. This whitepaper equips distributors with valuable insights and strategies to navigate these complexities successfully. Don’t miss out on this invaluable resource for the future of B2B distribution.


Getting Your Sales Team to Adopt a New CRM Solution

User adoption is the key to achieving the greatest return on investment from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and can give you an incredible edge over your competition.


You can lead your sales reps to the CRM waters, but how do you get them to drink and, more importantly, continue to come back to the CRM well again and again?


Over the years, White Cup has partnered with more than 1,000 companies worldwide to help them structure their CRM rollouts for optimal uptake. This report shares 11 things our experts say make all the difference in creating an engaged, enlightened, and fully CRM-empowered salesforce.


Credit Where It’s Due

The worst of the pandemic might be over, but B2B point-of-purchase habits have evolved. And they’re unlikely to revert to what they were before. Data now points to a heightened need for quick, easy and trusted credit-approval options to reflect post-pandemic realities for distributors of all sizes.


According to research compiled by MDM and Credit Key, quickly securing lines of credit will be vital to B2B companies moving forward. Flexible financing will help suppliers and vendors stay stocked during eras of sustained growth and times of supply crisis.


As distributors have rapidly upgraded their technology, many e-commerce customers have gotten used to convenient, digital purchasing options while increasingly turning away from traditional buying options.


Companies now are looking for e-commerce specialists and B2B lenders who offer real-world, real-time solutions that allow businesses to focus on their true goals: offering top-line products and services to their target markets.


Winning Strategies for Customer Experience: Benchmarks & Best Practices

In this report, MDM Research benchmarks the state of distribution customer experience delivery and
identifies emerging best practices to keep customers engaged in a noisier and more transparent

Turn Searches into Sales: No More Customers Lost in the Sea of Products

Finding a product on a B2B distributor’s site can be like playing a game of Waldo with no idea what Waldo looks like. To spare customers the headache of sifting through a sea of products, distributors can create a more organized, user-friendly experience.


Learn how 3 different distributors have cracked the code to growing sales through search.


Download the whitepaper now.

Are B2C Best Practices the Future of B2B E-Commerce?

B2B companies investing in digital are seeing value and gaining share.


See which product discovery, conversion and customer acquisition tools make your competitor’s roadmap and see what the data says about B2C practices in B2B.


Download the survey report now.

Metrics That Matter: Key Metrics for Distributors to Drive 2022 Revenue

Throughout history, the distribution industry has looked to specific metrics to understand business performance. By tracking these metrics, organizations know how they are doing, month over month, quarter over quarter, and year over year.


But often, organizations fail to review, reevaluate, and adjust their metrics regularly; as a result, organizations can end up paying attention to the wrong metrics or things that are no longer truly meaningful.


Get started with five key metrics that distributors should be reviewing, reevaluating, and adjusting to drive 2022 revenue.


Download the free report now.

5 Top Trends That Will Drive Distribution Technology Investments in 2022

Among the pandemic-era trends that have impacted distributors, a deeper focus on robust technology investments may be the longest lasting. Read the results and analysis of the technology portion of the 2022 MDM Trends Survey, where you’ll find how distributors expect to make technology investments and ways companies can plan now to get ahead of the next wave of innovation.


Download the report now.

Distributors Rethink the Supply Chain in Light of New Challenges

Supply chain disruptions are expected to continue throughout the coming year and beyond. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing distributors can do about it. This whitepaper addresses some of the key issues that are preventing a smooth supply chain and ways that distributors are approaching the challenges. From taking a closer look at near-shoring to investing in more collaborative business partners and technology, three supply chain experts will take you through the latest thinking on the topic.


Download the whitepaper now.

The Growth of E-Commerce Investments in Wholesale Distribution

There’s a lot of noise around e-commerce growth in distribution. But where do distributors actually stand on the topic today? This whitepaper explores the progress the industry has made and takes a closer look at statistics around e-commerce revenue generation, areas of investment and what distributors are doing to boost online brand awareness.


2021 Customer Insights Survey

Digital technology adoption among businesses has grown dramatically during the pandemic, with some estimates showing that COVID-19 accelerated the average share of customer interactions that are digital by three years. But what does this mean for a distributor? Is e-commerce enough? Is it time to launch a virtual marketplace? What other digital tools are needed to thrive in the new business cycle now emerging? MDM answers those questions and more in a new whitepaper, 2021 Customer Insights Survey, sponsored by Valtech.


Download our 2021 Customer Insights Survey whitepaper now to learn what your customers both want and need from their distributor partners and how your company can integrate digital and traditional communication into the customer journey.


What Are Distributors’ Post-Pandemic Technology Investment Plans?

When it comes to the bottom line, the pandemic didn’t treat every company the same. Yes, COVID-19 was an equalizer of sorts. Most states went into lockdown, many businesses were closed and quarantining became the norm for millions of people. Distribution, for the most part, was deemed an essential business, but even still, many distributor customers had to shutter their doors for weeks or even months at a time. The impact was both severe and long-lasting.


The MDM-Infor Technology Trends Survey 2021 will provide valuable insights into how wholesale distribution navigates COVID, where it goes from here and what preparations still need to happen should another disruption ravage the industry again.


Download the report now.

The State of Commerce Experience 2021: A Turning Point in E-Commerce History

In 2020, a whopping 83% of decision-makers reported double-digit growth in digital revenue. In 2019, before COVID-19, only 9% experienced such growth. This is not a moment to let pass you by.


For the second year in a row, Bloomreach, the leader in commerce experience™, commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an online survey of B2B and B2C businesses and consumers in e-commerce across the US, UK and Germany. 


Read on to discover what the study found, and how firms can capitalize on the market share they’ve captured during COVID-19.


Download the report now.

Man vs Machine: Who is Going to Win the War for B2B Customer Loyalty?

Artificial intelligence is increasingly a common part of the e-commerce experience. Some say AI will eventually eliminate the need for traditional sales and marketing, others believe human interaction is here to stay.


Download the whitepaper now.

AI Technology is Shaping the Future of E-commerce

Transform the customer experience, manage costs, and grow revenue — all with artificial intelligence (AI). It sounds like science fiction, but the benefits of AI are grounded and catching on with today’s biggest digital leaders.


Download the report now.

Distribution Industry Insight: Transforming Customer Service with Document Automation

In a recent survey, distribution industry leaders shared their insights on the power of document automation and its transformative impact on the customer experience.

With Conexiom, teams across the distribution industry are cutting down processing time to provide a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Download this infographic to learn more about how you can improve order processes speeds — and your company’s customer experience.


Download this infographic now.

Distribution Industry Insight: Making Time for Customer Service Is Key to Success

Most distributors agree that excellent customer service is not only a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, but it’s also extremely important to the bottom line. Take a look at this eye-opening infographic, based on a January 2021 survey of distributors, that shows just how important the customer service team is to the company’s success — and highlights some of the obstacles that are getting in the way of fulfilling that promise of market-leading customer service.


2021 Industry Outlook

Take a closer look at the data that’s setting the tone for 2021 performance.

The road to pandemic recovery for wholesale distribution runs through MDM and Robert W. Baird’s annual industry outlook distributor research and survey. Download this report for all the details on why there’s reason for optimism in 2021.


Download the report now.

Is Now The Time To Purchase A New ERP For Wholesale Distribution?

In a new report, “Is Now the Time To Purchase a New ERP for Wholesale Distribution,” widely-recognized technology analyst Cindy Jutras makes a compelling case for why today’s wholesalers and distributors should not postpone ERP replacement during the pandemic and beyond.

Download the report and watch the on-demand webinar today, to learn why the pandemic’s acceleration of digital transformation is making cloud distribution solutions an imperative.


Download the report now.

6 Stellar Business Outcomes You Achieve When You Automate Order Processing

Streamlining sales order automation is a critical component influencing the future of business success. Automation enables companies to deliver goods efficiently while also enhancing customer relationships and experience.

This ebook outlines six significant business outcomes that manufacturers and distributors have achieved when implementing automated order processing.


Download the report now.

Technology’s Role in 2021 Business Planning

COVID-19 has brought sweeping changes to how distributors approach technology, forcing old operating practices out the door. Distributors have found themselves needing to build increasingly technology-enabled organizations.

In this MDM executive summary, we look at how three distribution executives responded to the pandemic with strategic digital transformations.


Download the report now.

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